Friday, August 7, 2009

Carl Pavano Dealt

So, he's good enough for Minnesota but not good enough for us? Ok, so I may just be feigning indignancy here, but I was curious about the possibility of acquiring Pavano. He's a semi-competent starter, which would be an improvement over at least 60% of Milwaukee's current rotation. I don't know what the Twins gave up, but I'm guessing it wasn't much. Blue chip prospects generally don't just slide through waivers unnoticed. Hell, Tampa claimed RJ Swindle and his 16+ ERA today.

It is interesting to see that the waiver wire deals are starting to go down. I don't maintain any delusions about the eventual outcome of this season for the Brewers, but I do think it will be interesting to see if they feel compelled to pull off some minor, post-deadline deal. You know, just to keep the illusion alive.


Rubie Q said...

And apparently somebody claimed Alex Rios and his albatross contract today, which shoots a big whole in my "the waiver wire isn't a game of Old Maid" argument. Who the fuck claimed that guy?

Rubie Q said...

Fuck -- that'd be a big "hole," not a big "whole." I've been reading too much Anthony Witrado.

Master Reid said...

I saw that on Rios. That's hilarious. Part of me wants the Jays to just let the dumb bastards have him and his anchor of a contract. Though it'd be a pretty big PR blow for the Jays if they just give him away and then he blows up with the Mets or whoever.