Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Old Spice Tourney...

Creighton/Michigan - 11 am on Thanksgiving
Marquette/Xavier - @1:30 pm on Thanksgiving, second game on Friday 11 am if win, 1:30 if lose

Alabama/Baylor - 5:30 pm on Thanksgiving
Florida St/Iona - 8 pm

Interesting draw and would be a good match-up in the second game regardless. Interesting note that the Packers and Lions kick off at 11:30 on Thanksgiving as well so for us Packer fans we'll be switching between games but I guess its even worse for the Michigan/Lion fans.


Master Reid said...

Are people in Michigan even aware that the Wolverines have a basketball team?

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

perhaps the more appropriate question is do people in Michigan even realize they have an NFL "franchise"?

EMoney said...

I'm sure the fans of Michigan will begin to take notice again in the very near future. Beilein is doing nice things there, and lets face it, he's competing in the Big10 now.

What a great Thanksgiving Weekend it will be! The Packers will beat up on the Lions, and we'll get to witness the next generation of MU hoops against a good Xavier team. We'll probably lose that game however. I would love to see us play 'X' more often during non-conference. Very similar situations......small private institutions, good basketball programs, hated by the larger public in-state schools.

By the way, I am planning on going to the MU/Cincy game in Cincy this year. Obviously we don't know when that game will be at this time, but after the schedule is released, if anyone else is interested let me know and I'll get us tix. The Bearcats might be a surprise team this year. The return of Deonta Vaughn and soph. Yancy Gates, highly touted PG Cashmere Wright is back from injury and should start from day 1, and the arrival of stud Lance Stephenson whom ironically enough not even Tim Floyd would touch should make Cincinnati an interesting team to watch next year.

EMoney said...

A little blurp about Cadougan on espn's "5 freshman ready to step right in".