Friday, August 28, 2009

On Front Office Decisions and Heads Rolling

Word on the street (and by "the street" I of course mean "Tom Haudricout's Blog") is that some team did end up putting a waiver claim on Trevor Hoffman. That's not terribly surprising. It's been obvious all along that Hoffman is our most tradeable commodity, amongst the veterans anyways. I could see him proving beneficial for any one of those teams battling out in the NL West. I've made no secret of my feelings that the Brewers should've put him on the market a f*cking month ago. But now that he's officially been made available, and a team has officially shown interest, does it make sense to move Hoffman at this stage of the game? Prior to today, I would've said "hell yeah, get whatever you can, we're not going to re-sign him anyways." But after reading that he could be a "Class A" free agent this offseason, I'm not so sure that's my position anymore. Is any prospect that you'd receive now worth the potential 2 picks that you'd get from his signing with another team this offseason? Probably not. But on the other hand, what if you pass on a minor leaguer now and Hoffman decides to hang it up after the season? Then you get dick. All part of the game when you're a big league GM.

Which segues nicely into my second point. It seems that after going a woeful 2-8 in a 10 game stretch versus the Pirates, Nationals, and Reds, the natives are starting to get a little (more) restless. The calling for bloodshed appears to have intensified after this past week's display of bed wetting. It's beginning to look like Brewer fans everywhere are just itching for a good old-fashioned, torch and pitchfork party. Does Doug Melvin, the guy who brought a playoff team to Milwaukee for the first time in 26 years really deserve to get measured for the guillotine after season? Should Ken Macha get canned after this year's failure? I don't really think either of them deserve the axe this year. But then again, I'm the "no backbone, benefit of the doubt, stick up for management, p*ssy" around this joint, so maybe I'm wrong. So, should someone be going down for this? If so, then who?


EMoney said...

You beat me to the punch Reid as I was going to post something very similar in regards to the "heads rolling" department.

For Melvin, I think a good point could be made for both sides of the fence. Sure he was the guy to put Milwaukee in the playoffs for the first time in nearly 3 decades, but is that necessarily something to brag about? In getting them there, he did bet the farm on the club's No.1 prospect for a 2 month rental. It netted a first round throtteling by the Phil's and a compensatory pick of what 43 overall? I will say Milwaukee did get dicked there when the Yanks signed Texeira thus bumping our first rounder to a "2nd" rounder. In the end I think it was a good move, and I think that's pretty much the consensus for the Sabathia deal.

However, aside from that trade (which IS what put the team over the edge and into a playoff caliber team), what has Melvin really accomplished with this organization? He followed up last year's playoff appearance with what could be a 5th place finish in the central. I'm not sure if Melvin held the same opinion of many going into this season, who thought that this club wouldn't take much of a step after losing CC and Sheets and probably contend for the division. I know for myself (and it can be proven looking at QB's history) that there wasn't a chance in hell that this club was going to compete at the same level as last year. Was there something that Melvin could have done? Probably not much in the off-season, but potentially at the trade deadline.....and we can only speculate at what he attempted to pull off during that time.

Personally, I give him one more year. In all honesty, if he doesn't pull off that CC deal last year he's done. Aside from that, it seems his legacy still rides that amazing deal that he made for Richie Sexon. I mean the guy got 5 every day players for one overpaid first baseman! In the words of Billy Mays, "AMAZING!!!". Realistically though, all those guys sucked....or were at least mediocre. This is a long comment. I could go on, but I'll stick with giving him 1 more year......even though nothing is going to change over the next year. The Crew will finish in the 3-4 range in the Central and will continue to just toss out the most horrendous pitching staff in baseball.

Master Reid said...

Don't forget the 2 picks that we lost out on because of Ben Sheets' and his gaping vag/shoulder injury. That could have some long term ramifications as well.

As for canning Melvin, I'm just leery of firing a GM. Firing GMs is reserved for teams in rebuilding mode. It usually includes the replacing of scouts, scouting directors, and personnel people across the board. You have to be in a pretty damn bad place to pull the trigger on a move like that. I don't think the Brewers are in that place, and I'm not even sure a disappointing season next year puts them in that place.

Rubie Q said...

Couple points of clarification:

I think we only get the two picks in the draft if we offer Hoff arbitration, he declines, and then he signs somewhere else. I think.

(2) The Crew went 3-7 in the most recent 10-game stretch; they took 3 of 4 from the Nats. Not that it's a big difference, seeing as they should have gone 7-3 at worst.

Finally: I think Macha's gone. Melvin's safe.

EMoney said...

No way is Macha gone. Do you honestly think that Macha is the reason for the sub 0.500 record? I don't think there is a manager in the bigs that can win with this staff. What's the team era since July 1, 6.00ish? Even the Phils and Yanks would struggle to win if they had their bats and our staff.

Rubie Q said...

Of course I don't think Macha's the reason for this shit-tastic season. I also don't think Billy Castro was the reason the pitching staff sucks, and you saw what happened to him.

Lemme put it this way: last year, our owner ordered the GM to gas the manager with a dozen games left on the slate. This year, the team has underachieved. (There's no other word that's appropriate when the team goes 3-7 against the Nats, Pirates, and Reds in August, after all three teams have called it a year already.) Attanasio's going to want somebody's head. Macha's only got one year left on his deal. He's gone.

EMoney said...

$1 says he's not. Money in the bank.

If Attanasio truly is looking for a head after this season, then he should look at Melvin. How many coaches is he going to go through before he finally realizes that maybe it's not the coaches fault and that it's more likely the players that are being put on the field. Attanasio has given Melvin a ton of money to spend since he bought the team so he's not dealing with the Selig allowance anymore. Furthermore, there have been a decent number of small market teams that have completely outperformed Milwaukee since Melvin has been in charge so he's running out of excuses, ie. payroll, coaches, waiting on the blossoming of farm talent, etc. Melvin's time is coming.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

$-if melvin is let go then macha ain't coming back either as the new GM will clean house. He'll be a lame duck manager regardless because he only signed a 2 year deal last year. I wouldn't be suprised if Macha was let go and Willie took over next year, keep Sveum, and base coaches and maybe even Bosio.

Master Reid said...

My bad Rubie. I forgot they didn't acutally lose that 11-9 game to the Nats, they just tried to lose it. And yes, Hoffman would fetch 2 picks if offered arbitration. But I don't see why the Brewers wouldn't offer him arbitration, given his reasonable salary this season.

Rubie Q said...

I agree, I think they'll offer him arbitration. I just wanted to make sure I understood the free agency rules right: if you just let a guy walk, you don't get the compensation picks.

EMoney said...

I'll disagree with all of you here.....that's fine. It's not the first time. But when I'm proven right (again), I'll.....I guess I won't do anything.

HHHTheGame said...

If Cameron and JJ come off the books, there's the money for Hoffman. Hart and Weeks will still need arbitration money, but they won't get anything over the bare minimum. Kendall's $5MM will go to one of them. Bush is gonna get to eat up some salary too, but not much again.

I'll renew my 20 pack for next year, but unless a #2 pitcher is acquired somehow (even if they have to trade Prince), this will be the last year.