Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Is it me or is there a new plunking incident every week in the Majors this year? Maybe it just seems that way because of all the incidents with the Brewers this year with Fielder/Mota, Karsten/Braun, etc. Take a look at this clip from the Red Sox game last night.

Cabera got hit two nights ago and then Youkilis got hit right after that. Then it looks like Porcello threw at Victor Martinez (and missed) in the first inning last night. Cabera got hit in the top of the 2nd on a check swing on the hands (clearly not intentional). First pitch of the bottom of the second and Youkilis gets hit again in the middle of the back and charges the mound. The Red Sox own announcer said it looked like the ball got away from him and the MLB Network guys said the same thing that Youkilis shouldn't have charged the mound and Porcello shouldn't have gotten tossed. Looked like a purpose pitch to me. Thoughts on this plunking and others from this year.

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David said...

Youkilis is a meathead. It would be quite unsurprising to learn that he impulsively charges people and/or mounds in his everyday life.

I've actually become a fan of plunking this season. Incidents like the Karsten/Braun affair add a compelling narrative to the season, which is a nice distraction from the games themselves. Plunk away!