Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Brewers thoughts...

Well, Rubie is out of town and has left the blog in our hands. Hopefully it doesn't blow up in that time.

I have some things I want to say about the Brewers.

1. Does anyone really realize how big of a year Prince is having? I mean, good lord! He is going to shatter the old RBI record. He is absolutely crushing the ball. It has gotten to the point where he has turned our fans into Cubs' fans when he gets up. Every ball he hits gets a big reaction. I guess when you hit two balls WELL over 400 feet off of the scoreboard that'll happen. I guess we don't have to wonder about the home run derby ruining his swing.

I know that we all realize how big of a year he is having, but is the national media recognizing that? I haven't had a chance to watch much MLB Network (a sin, I know), Baseball Tonight or Sportscenter. Are they talking about him? Is Pujols taking all the attention? It doesn't help that the Brewers have taken an extreme nosedive.

2. Is anyone else a little concerned about Gallardo? I flat out love the guy. He is probably my favorite current Brewer not on the disabled list, but I'm a bit concerned. I know this is his first full season, but this pitch count stuff needs to be examined. He is a strike out type pitcher and obviously they will have some higher pitch counts since you have to make at least 3 pitches to every batter in order to strike him out, but having 100 or more pitches by the fifth isn't going to cut it for our "ace". This has been the story too often lately. I know we don't want him to be a (here is a term Rubie and others hate) contact pitcher like Suppan, but there has got to be a way to cut down the pitch count. Less walks would help. Otherwise he has been a great 5 innings pitcher. How about getting him some run support?

3. We all thought it would happen. It was the perfect storm. Suppan making his second start since coming off the DL. It was also the Suppan bobblehead day. Recent past shows that players suck and usually end up ruining their season with a bobblehead (see Turnbow, Derrick). For some reason though (it could be that we were playing the AAA Pirates) Suppan went out there and pitched a very solid game. He got in some trouble in a couple spots, but he got out of them with a couple double plays and some nice "contact pitching".

All in all, the season is done and it sucks. Oh well. I can't wait to see what happens this offseason.

Hardy is probably gone.
Hart has a chance at being dealt.
Cameron, Kendall, Counsell all are probably gone.
McGeehee. Do we keep him?
SBTG's boy Bourgeois. Is he our next Podsednik?
Gamel. Can he do it in the bigs?

Many more questions.

Oh, and big props to FPMKE for the Reel Big Fish lyric usage in his Bill Hall post. I forgot to give him props until today.


FPMKE said...

Thanks for the props buddy... I thought you had lost your love for Reel Big Fish.

I'm thinking Hardy is probably gone. He's previously expressed an unwillingness to switch positions... if we can get something decent on a trade, he gone.

I'd like to see Counsel back but he is having a career year and will command more than the team should be willing to pay someone who is expected to be a bench player. Loved what he did for the team this season.

I think we keep McGeehee. He's got a potent bat and can play multiple positions. Ideally, we let him settle in a spot and get him more at-bats.

I completely forgot Rubie was out of town. I saw a notice on Mrs. Q's FB but didn't put two and two together. Did you all see Mike Hunts crap?

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

i can't believe you are giving up. we aren't that far behind and we are getting hot right now after the sweep of the Pirates. don't lose hope VaJayJay...I'm very disappointed in you.

Looking to next season...
-Hardy, Cameron, Kendall, Lopez all are goners.
-McGehee and Gamel share time at 3rd
-Bring back Counsell to be first guy off bench and utility infielder
-Outfield is Braun, Bourgeois (is it to early to nickname him Frenchy), and Hart or some middle of the road free agent signing.

who knows what we/can do with the starting pitching...that's the part of the team that needs the most re-tooling next year.

EMoney said...

We suck until our pitching staff is completely revamped....particularly starters! I have no idea how that is going to happen with essentially 0 prospects and not enough money to overpay good free agents. That is all.

Master Reid said...

Gallardo's still young he'll work through the pitch count thing. It took Sheets a while to get that down as well. He had better stuff than Yo, but I think there are some parallels. At least they haven't shackled him with some ridiculous set of rules that basically prevent him from being successful, like Joba Chamberlain.

A Badger Friend and I were discussing this offseason last night and he brought up a few good points. With all of our arbitration eligible player having shitty years or getting hurt, you're not going to have to give them $2-3 million raises this year. So that will save some payroll that they had probably already budgeted for. And even though we are still paying Suppan and most of Bill Hall's ridiculous contracts, mercifully they will come off the books after next year. So if the team did want to overextend itself on payroll a little bit in '10, they could do that with the knowledge that it will come back down in '11. Factor in the potential jettisoning of Hardy's contract, in some potential trade. And the Brewers may have more financially flexibility next year than we expect.

EMoney said...

"Do you really think it matters Eddie?"

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Ha. Great quote Money.

I am also glad that Yo doesn't have the same rules like Joba does. I know you wan to protect your young pitchers, but that is crap.

I completely forgot about Lopez. I like the guy a lot. He is a great lead off guy. I'm not sold on his his hustle/heart type stuff yet, but he is also injured a bit. So who knows.

I didn't see Hunt's stuff. With school just starting I've been ridonkulously busy.

SBTG, if we sweep the cards then I will regain a little hope. And that is coming from one of the most positive guys on this board.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

I know it doesn't really matter (thus asking the question in the comments rather than starting a new post), but why the hell would you take out David Weathers last night and replace him with Coffey? Weathers gave up a 1 out double, got the second out, intentionally walked Pujols, and they took him out for Captain Sprinty who on the first pitch to Holiday gave up a 3 run homer that ended up being the game winner. ugh!