Friday, August 14, 2009

So: Pitino - Part II

First, Mbao has been cleared by the NCAA which is terrific news since he had all sorts of eligibility issues. Sure wish they'd just clear Junior Caudugan so we can get everybody in before school starts.

Apparently, Slick Rick's mistress is speaking publicly now and offers a bunch of new tidbits of info.

(1) The sex happened on a table, not a booth as previously reported.

(2) She is saying Pitino sexually assaulted her (because yeah he just wanted to have another drink with you after the owner tossed him the keys to lock up before they left.)

(3) Pitino forced/threatened her into having an abortion and gave her the $3k, the money wasn't for health insurance or for an abortion at her request. "I'll never forget. I wanted to have the baby, but Rick said my children would all be in concrete. I lived in fear for five years," she said. Holy this NJ or Kentucky. He must have had Jay Wright on speed dial it you are making those sort of threats.

(4) She believes that Pitino was behind the marriage of her and the equipment trainer to get her off his back...yeah marrying the equipment manager of your college basketball team who you see everyday will get her off his back. Maybe you should have set her up with Jay Wright's equipment manager.

(5) Oh and there's an ultrasound picture of the baby that was shown to the NY Post reporter, "This is all I have of the baby."

Wow! They should make this into a Hollywood movie.

Al Pacino as "Slick" Rick Pitino
Goldie Hawn as Karen "The Victim" Cunagin Sypher

former MU assistant Jason Rabedeaux as Tim "The Pawn" Sypher

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