Thursday, August 6, 2009

This edition of "TV Talk"

Due to the Crew's recent slide of late and their subsequent transformation into a WWE-like culture (that's the most entertainment they've given me in a month), I've caught a little bit of the July/August blues. The sports world in the beautiful state of Wisconsin is an absolute still life (Again thank you Prince for spicing that up for a brief moment.) So with the recent turning of the calendar we at least get a slight sports "stimulu"s with the start of Green Bay Packer training camp. Hoping to keep this short (I know, strange isn't it), I will save our season expectations discussion for a later day. HOWEVER, the Packer rumor mill has been gaining momentum of late due to Ted Thompson's quasi indication that the Packers haven't ruled out making an offer to Michael Vick. In fact, when exiting a recent Q&A with reporters, Thompson walked out of the press room with a boom box on his shoulders that was playing "Who Let the Dogs Out?". That didn't really happen.....I just wanted to see if ya'all were still paying attention.

So what does everybody think of this? Good move? Bad move? Initially I was completely against it. I personally don't think that he is going to be anywhere near as effective as he was when he became the first QB to walk into Green Bay in the playoffs and come out with a victory. Further, how would we use him? We already have a good QB, great receiving corps, and solid running backs. And how would the Green Bay community take the signing of a player with his criminal history. It all seems a bit unreasonable and a bit hypocritical considering TT wouldn't consider signing the likes of TO and Randy Moss.

This move made absolutely no sense to me until the light bulb finally went off. If there's one thing that I (we) all know about Ted Thompson, it's that he LOVES the draft. I mean, face it, we all do. Knowing that and trying to understand this move, it became a little bit more clear. At this point, Michael Vick is a risk......but by NFL standards, what he will likely receive in compensation now will be substantially less than what he was making before he went to the state pen. That being said, if Vick comes back and shows that he still "has it", his trade value could be outstanding! We're talking multiple high picks here. So if this the angle that Thompson is taking, I'm all for it. We've got money to spend, so I would be willing to gamble a few million on a short term (1-2) deal, in hopes that he can still be a dangerous weapon and possible trade bait for the near future.


Master Reid said...

There is no way that this is going to happen. This story has gotten WAY more attention than it deserves. This is just Thompson answering a question the same way that he answers every question. If you asked Ted Thompson, "Hey Ted, we hear that you're considering poisoning the Gatorade and killing the entire team. Any truth to that?" He'd respond, "We're not ruling anything out. We're looking into all options that might better the team."

Besides that, this is a horrible idea. After a season full of distractions, the last thing they should do to this team is bring in a guy that will be nothing but a distraction.

PS(This is like the 4th time I've attempted to type up this take, but have gotten interrupted every other time)

Devil's Threesome said...

Was it really 6 1/2 years ago that Vick tore up the Pack in the playoffs? I think we were driving back from that fuckassshitcockfecestampondoucheclitcumstain Dayton game.

Rubie Q said...

Concur w/ Reid. When are people going to learn to stop trying to read anything into Thompson's non-answers?

And, yes, D3: it was after the Dayton game. What a great fucking day.

Devil's Threesome said...

Wasn't is also snowing like a banshee in northern Indiana. To top it all off, those bitches never did flash us.

Rubie Q said...

Was that the same trip? I remember the "We showed you our bibs, now show us your bibs" moment, but I'm not clear on when it happened. For some reason, I don't think it was the same trip.

EMoney said...

My intention wasn't necessarily to discuss how truthful the rumors are, I mean I agree with the fact that Ted never says anything of value. My intention was to discuss whether or not it would be a good move if we were actually going to do it. Personally, I think that hell will freeze over before Ted makes a bold move and outbids other suitors for a high attention individual such as Vick. The man wouldn't give up a f*cking 4th round pick for Randy Moss, so making a move like this would be out of character for him.

However, I heard a good point on the Doug Gottlieb show this afternoon. Can't remember what guest it was, but this person said Ted Thompson's middle name is "Value".......which is soooo true. So if Vick goes unsigned by the rest of the NFL, he may simply grab him because he is cheap. Parallels what I was saying in my post.