Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Word On The Blog-Off.

So, the point of the Blog-Off, as I understand it, was to encourage our non- or highly-infrequently contributing members to get their shit together and start bringing some quality content to the site.

Thus far, the results of the Blog-Off have been: Kirby (bizarrely) quitting; Moongoose staying (and then going silent again); Mustache getting booted (if we're talking about mistakes in inviting people to contribute to the blog, Mustache is my Justin Harrell); Baffoon being called out for not posting anything when he couldn't post anything in the first place; and Kirby "winning," though he'd already quit.


Understandably, some other members of the blog were worried about losing their posting privileges -- though they appeared to think that they needed to avoid my wrath when, in fact, the Blog-Off has been SBTG's baby since jump street. Anyway, we've gotten some good discussion over the last couple days, culminating today with a nice (but FIB-ish) post from The Gunt regarding the Bears -- which, wouldn't you know it, got linked to on the SportsBubbler.

So: now that Gunt's been linked, and I've been linked, and D3's been linked (to be fair, one of the links consisted of the boys at RFB mocking D3's dictionary skillz), and Reid's been linked, and $'s been linked, and VaJayJay's been linked (including, if I'm not mistaken, our only link for Marquette-related content), and FPMKE's been linked (routinely, back in the day, when RFB did their link dump every morning) ... and Pope's only been here for a week or so (NOT THAT IT WOULD KILL HIM TO COMMENT EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE), and Moongoose just got a reprieve ...

Hmmm. Who does that leave not carrying his end of the donkey?


Yeah. It's comin', SBTG.


EMoney said...

Completely unrelated to topic -

Would anyone be interested in an fantasyfootball league, auction style? Mongoose and myself were discussing this (mainly since he and I always get hosed in the pick department) since it hasn't been done before. So if the interest level is there (at least 8 guys), I'll set up a league on espn or yahoo. It can be for shits and grins or for $5-$10 a guy since this would be our first go at it. Lemme know. I'm thinking this weekend or next for the auction.

FPMKE said...

Wow, I was linked routinely back in the day? News to me.

I was also linked for the Bill Hall "prime of my career" post.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

rack em'!

now that's some funny shit! yes, Rubie, I need to be linked and have made it my number one goal for the rest of the year...I will be linked before 2010. I shall call it my "Mission No 10".

Rubie Q said...

You were very popular over at RFB. Your post about Chorizo and swine flu killed.

Devil's Threesome said...

That was our most-linked-to post ever.