Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anthony Witrado Joins Some Exclusive Company.

When the boys from FireJoeMorgan reunited on Deadspin last week, I was somewhat dismayed to see that they didn't attack a JoeChat. (I'm not sure if Joe Morgan is doing chats on ESPN anymore, but they could've busted out an old one, just for poops and giggles.) One of my favorite parts of the JoeChats was the practice of JoeBaiting, where an FJM loyalist would infiltrate the ESPN chat and post a question on one of Joe's favorite topics -- consistency, or how a team compared to the old Big Red Machine teams, or Gary Sheffield. Joe, unsuspecting as always, was more than happy to trot out a pat response.

I bring this up because Anthony Witrado had a chat on JSOnline yesterday. In the midst of his (typical) all-out assault on the English language (at one point, dude spelled "solidify" as "solitify"), Tony fielded questions from some guys with curious names. The first was from a fella calling himself "stu pidasso"; apparently, Anthony didn't sound out the name before posting the question.

But the more curious questioners came shortly thereafter. About halfway through the chat, Tony took a rambling, incoherent question from a guy named "Michael McCarter" -- which sounded awfully familiar. (Does it sound familiar to you, too? Here -- let me Google something for you.) That question was followed, in rapid succession, by questions from "Ted Stryker" (asking Anthony's professional opinion -- since he played ball, and all -- about Jody Gerut's swing), "Emmett Fitz-Hume" (asking if Mr. Fitz-Hume or Austin Millbarge would be a better closer), and "Roger Murdock" (asking about moving Braun to CF and Hardy to RF).

Now, clearly, something was up -- although that thought didn't occur to Anthony, who eagerly and earnestly answered all the questions posed by characters from "Airplane," "Spies Like Us," and Freeway.

A bit of Interwebs sleuthing later, and -- would you look at that. It looks like the boys from Wisconsin sports uber-blog Chuckie Hacks are back, and back in a big way. A most impressive session of TonyBaiting, for sure.

Welcome back, men.


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Master Reid said...

All this time I didn't realize that Fitz-Hume had a hyphen in it.

Master Reid said...

Oh, and from Tony's "Notes" piece today:

"As the scheduled is currently set, Parra will make two starts before the season ends."

And this made it to PRINT.
*shakes head*