Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Baseball...

Since the Buffet has recently moved on to Football Season and visions of sugar-plums for the upcoming College Basketball Season, I thought it might be time to remind everybody that the Brewers are still playing. While their season has amounted to a complete cluster-fuck and had more story twists than an M Night Shyamalan movie, there is still a lot to be excited about.

1) Prince Fielder breaking the Club single season RBI record.
2) Casey McGehee likely representing a serviceable starter at 3rd base (sorry Gamel fans).
3) Impending off-seaon shake-up.
4) At least we're not the Cubs.

With that out there, I move on to the excitement of today's pitching match up: Yo at Wrigley facing Big Z.

Now under different circumstances (i.e. playoff contention), this would be the match up we would all be dying to see. But given that the season is total loss, we're probably all just hoping that Yo doesn't get injured. I'm still pretty excited about going to the game tonight to see two great pitchers duel it out; should be a great meaningless game. Sadly, this time, I am more excited about the free Stadium Club buffet and beers I'll be enjoying as a guest of one of my vendors.


Rubie Q said...

So ... how'd that great pitching match-up work out for you?

FPMKE said...

There was a nice Big Z meltdown followed by our bullpen taking a shit in Boystown.

Master Reid said...

The Big Z meltdown was nice. But then I got distracted by Ghostbusters on Xbox and came back a half-hour later only to see it was 10-5 game. I said "What the fuck happened?!?!?!" But I knew.... I knew.