Sunday, September 27, 2009

College Football Pickoff, D3 vs. EMoney

The results of the inaugural "pickoff" are in! Upon further review, the winner is(drum roll please).........EMoney! There were 22 games in the top25 this week, and after 1 push, EMoney correctly chose 11 of a possible 21 games for an overall record of 11-10. After the bookie's cut, he's roughly even for the weekend. Not bad for someone who really has no interest in the media driven college game and knew essentially nothing about these matchups coming in. D3, the college football fanatic, finished with an overall record of 7-14 or a .333 win percentage. Ouch!!! If D3 was actually gambling on these games, he would currently be finding a way to explain to his wife why their bank account has a huge withdrawal taken from it and/or explaining why all of his fingers were broken by a guy named "Big Tony". Fortunate for him this was all for shits and giggles. So congratulations to the first pickoff winner, EMoney! Look for the the next pickoff to come out later this week. Matchup has yet to be determined.


Devil's Threesome said...

Yep, it was another pathetic weekend. I hang my head in shame. At least the Huskers did some butt-kicking. Now our secondary needs to get healthy for Mizzou on the 8th.

Rubie Q said...

I think the problem is that D3 isn't watching enough college football. Clearly, the big screen TV, smaller TV, laptop, desktop computer, and Blackberry aren't enough. Maybe an iPhone? I don't know.