Monday, September 28, 2009

Continuing to Remember Ruben

I didn't want to bog down the excellent junk food discussion going on over at the official Ruben Memorial Post with a lengthy tale of Ruben's glory, so I'm posting my favorite memory in a new post. And, I am an insufferable egomaniac and I'm pretty sure I deserve, my own f'ing post on this subject. Anyways, this is pretty emotional for me but I'll try to get through it.

Hi, I'm Reid, my favorite junk food is currently Topper Stix. Especially the taco ones with the nacho cheese, eaten at 2:00 am or later

My favorite Ruben memory came back on May 25, 2002 when he took the mound against San Diego, on what must've been Opposite Day at Miller Park. How do I know it was opposite day? There is mountain of evidence to support that theory...

First, I sat with friends in a suite. Not just a suite, but a field level suite right behind home plate. Have you ever sat in one of those? That's some high roller shit right there. Now this was way before I ascended to fame and fortune as a cage fighter, so back in those days I was strictly a Terrace Level kind of guy. And everyone knows what happens in a suite right? You get hammered on beer and top shelf liquor that some one else has paid for. Or at least that's what happens on normal days. On opposite day you get in the suite and discover that your friend's parents, who are hosting this shindig, have opted against having booze in the box. But there's plenty of soda...gee thanks.

So I grab a Mountain Dew and settle in for some Brewers action, only to realize that Ruben is on the bump and I think, "Aw shit, this is gonna suck." But he managed to escape the 1st inning unscathed. Then, in the bottom of the frame, the opposite day marketing wizards showed they were pulling out all the stops. Jeffrey Hammonds (yes that Jeffrey Hammonds, the biggest free agent blunder this side of Ben McDonald) not only played in a game without injuring himself, but he hit a HOME RUN!! I was amazed, but I thought "It's going to take more than that one run to get Ruben Quevedo through this game."

Normally that would've been the case, but thanks to it being opposite day this time it wasn't. In fact Ruben Quevedo pitched well.... really well. In fact he tossed a fucking complete game shutout!! I was dumbfounded I even recall thinking for a brief moment, "Maybe this guy isn't so bad?" Of course that wasn't true, it was merely opposite day. And by mid June it was back to Shitsville for good old Toneladas de Diversion. But it was a glorious day back in 2002, when Ruben looked like a real pitcher, the Brewers looked like a real team, and I looked like a real important person.


FPMKE said...

LOL, I was there and remember sneaking out to the concourse to buy beers. I think I still have the commemorative Miller Park Innagural Season popcorn tin that I swiped. I will post evidence of this later.

Which brings me to my second favorite junk food... really salty popcorn. It's especially good at Wolski's.

Devil's Threesome said...

I don't believe this, don't believe it at all. Please post a link to the box score from

I, too, love Wolski's overly salted popcorn.

Master Reid said...

You can't handle the truth!!

Actually, this game came in what was probably the best stretch of Rubie's career. He at least got through the 7th in 5 straight starts, and lost 3 of them.

And don't sleep on pickled turkey gizzards at Wolski's either.

Rubie Q said...

In my haste to compile Rubie's shitty starts, I completely overlooked the fact that he had his ERA down to 2.88 in June '02 -- and then promptly blew up.

FPMKE said...

I was mistaken, it was a 2002 AllStar Game popcorn tin.