Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Letters From The Buffet

Dear Rickie Weeks,

Please get the sand out of your va jay jay. I'm tired of the team being a bunch of whiny little bitches.

First Bill Hall goes off on his "Terry Armstrong's gonna do, what Terry Armstrong's gonna do" bit. Then J.J. Hardy makes his case for not switching to 3rd base in favor of Alcides Escobar because you don't "ask a plastic surgeon to fix your car". And now, Rickie Weeks, you're crying about speculation that you should switch to the outfield so the Brewers can sign Felipe Lopez to play 2nd base.

Rickie, the team has invested a lot of time in you and some might argue that it was finally paying off this past Spring (I maintain that it was a fluke and destined to fizzle out). But, there is no "i" in team. You need to think about what is best for the organization and if that means you should switch to the outfield so we don't have to suffer through more of Jody Gerut, Corey Patterson, and Catman, then you should suck it up and be a man about it. Cut the shit!

Peace out bitch,


Rubie Q said...

Disagree strongly, citing examples:

As I understand it, the move being discussed was a shift to center field, only one of the most important defensive positions on the team. This isn't like stashing Braun in left field, where his below-average defense can be (somewhat) covered up. It's very difficult to make yourself a competent center fielder in one off-season.

Two, even though it was a small sample size, Rickie was finally starting to look comfortable this year. Why chance that?

D, Lopez can go. He's nice offensively, but not worth the money it would take to re-sign him.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

i agree with Rubie...its not going to be worth what we need pay to keep Lopez plus we can put Rickie there and we always have Casey McGhee who can play there if/when Gamel is ready to play 3rd. Plus I wouldn't be suprised to see Cameron out there again next year...at a discounted price of course!

FPMKE said...

I understand that the shift to Center would be difficult, and that Rickie could suffer a Bill Hall-esque collapse as a result of the mental anguish such a switch would cause, but I'm just saying that I'd prefer him to think about the team rather than himself. He hasn't even been asked to make a switch and he's already putting up a stink about it. It seems like we have a little league team full of kids who insist that they're pitchers rather than a group of professionals.

I'd love to have Mike Cameron back in Center to play defense but I don't think he's going to come at much of a discount.

I'm all for Casey McGehee being an everyday player next season... be it at 3rd or 2nd. However, I have the feeling that Gamel's future is not going to be at 3rd base.