Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Final Cuts and Packers Outlook

The roster is finally set for your 2009 Green Bay Packers, and I can't say there's much that surprised me. Maybe the fact that they opted for the younger, cheaper Brett Swain over the more experienced (at least for a #5 receiver) Ruvell Martin. You could make a case for keeping all 3 fullbacks at the expense of Tyrell Sutton being a surprise. But probably the most surprising thing was that someone traded a real live player for Tony Moll. I think Tony still sees images of Mario Williams, repeatedly beating him like a rented donkey, when he closes his eyes at night. The best line in this article was "I think Tony Moll is average, average, average." At best. It looks like it'll be open auditions for the role of "Reid's Least Favorite Packer" this year.

The Ted Thompson haters (which I believe consists of everyone in the state except myself) will be lining up to take their shots at ol' Teddy once they notice that both Anthony Smith and Duke Preston failed to make the team. That would be both of the Pack's free agent acquisitions, for those who aren't familiar. I know they're such huge names that everyone probably already knows them, but I'm just trying to bring everyone up to speed here. And while the haters are firing away at Thompson, they'll be sure to mention that Harrell is on the IR...again. And that he "wasted" a 2nd round pick on Brian Brohm, who now finds himself relegated to the practice squad. Can you imagine if he'd come out in '07 and some team would've picked him in the top 10? He'd undoubtedly be setting that franchise back 3-5 years right now, at least the Packers don't have that problem.

So who's drinking the KoolAid? Who's firing up the Packer Bandwagon and heading for Miami? I'll admit that I've been experimenting with the Packer KoolAid, but I'm resisting the urge to start chugging it full force. I worry about becoming a fiend and winding up in Packer Rehab. But looking at the schedule, and taking into consideration how good they looked in preseason (yes, I know it's only preseason), I think 10 wins is a realistic possibility for this team. But there's also a realistic possiblity that I'm an idiot, so who knows.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

reid-when have you every resisted the urge to chug anything, seriously, when?...i say chug away my friend as its going to be one hell of a season. Pack 35 Bears 10

ps-i'd like to add i'm on your side of the Ted Thompson debate...I think he's done a pretty damn good job setting up this roster, yet maintaining some salary cap flexibility.

Rubie Q said...

I'm shocked and awed that $ hasn't commented on the Harrell-IR move already. Is E OK?

I'm down with the Kool Aid. I watched the entire first half of the Arizona game, and my mouth didn't close the entire time. (That's what she said.)

Finally: I don't hate Ted, either. I think he's done a more than competent job assembling the team.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I don't hate Ted Thompson. I don't really like him but I also don't hate him. If anything, this whole Favre situation made me like him a little.

I hate McCarthy. Maybe not hate, that's a strong word. I really think he is incompetent. There. That works.

EMoney said...

I didn't comment on Harrell because...

1. I didn't want to gloat about being right once again.

2. While his latest and possibly career ending injury confirms my original criticisms, I am a greater good kind of guy meaning I would have rather seen our first round pick earn his 20mil and contribute to a winning football team.

EMoney said...

Oh, and I too am optimistic about GB this year. Got myself a new hat to sport in the 'Nati. ARodg is a stud, and has one of the best young receiving corps in the NFL.....not to mention Finley seems to really be coming on and could be an Antonio Gates-like weapon in the TE position.

I haven't sat down to look at the schedule, but I think 9-7 is realistic with 10-6 being a real possibility. We know that our offense is going to put up plenty of points (barring injury(s)), but the looming question remains our new defense. What ranked in the lower quarter last year, is the 3-4 conversion going to be effective in it's first year of existence? Lookd good in the preseason, but can Capers come up with new schemes to keep oppposing teams guessing?

Also, the NFC North as a whole is going to be very interesting to watch this year IMO. I suspect it's going to be a tight race between GB, Minn, and Chi.