Thursday, September 17, 2009

George of the Rose... Is that you?

Did anyone catch the second half of ESPN's double header last night? I'm not sure if that was the same guy, but that dude on the mound mowing down Giants looked suspiciously like former Brewer farmhand/punching bag, Jorge de la Rosa. I've done a little digging, and it turns out it really was Jorge de la Rosa. Then I thought this 8 shutout inning, 3 hit, 3 walk, 9 K performance must just be some kind of fluke. Turns out, it's not. George of the Rose for the 2009 Colorado Rockies has started 29 games, compiling a 15-9 record, with a 4.17 ERA, 179 Ks, a WHIP of 1.36, and 2.3 Ks for every walk. Now that doesn't make him an all-star necessarily, but someone with those kind of numbers would be welcome in any rotation.

Also kind of interesting was the discussion they had on his career arc, and the various trades he's been involved in. After being purchased from the Mexican League in 2001 by the Red Sox, he was dealt to Arizona as a part of the deal for Curt Schilling. Curt Schilling: perennial All-Star, borderline hall of famer. Then, as we all know, he was sent to Milwaukee as part of the deal for Richie Sexson. Richie Sexson: two time all-star, respected slugger (at the time). Then, the Crew traded him to Kansas City for Tony Graffanino. Tony Graffanino: 34 year old, part time player. Then, rock bottom (no pun intended), traded from KC to Colorado for cash and a player to be named. But give the Rocks credit for figuring something out with the guy and finally turning him into a real big league pitcher. Last year he went 10-8 and posted his first sub 5.00 ERA as a starter.

This isn't a rant on how the Brewers were dumb to get rid of him or anything like that. They traded him away over 3 years ago, no one waits that long for a player to develop. Nor is this an "I told you so" rant. Even though I was one of his only defenders. Ok mabye not "defender". But I did think he had some talent, and I was one of the few that weren't calling for him to be drug out behind the stadium and shot. No, this is more of a "Huh... would ya look at that" kind of take. It's just interesting, that's all.

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