Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Quiet... Almost too Quiet

Awfully quiet here on the Buffet today. Is everyone too shell shocked from yesterday's Packer debacle to even speak? Has E$ defected to the Bengals side, and he's too busy posting on the "Who Dey" blog? Or is he in the trunk of a car somewhere after running his mouth and making one too many wagers with the Cincinnati faithful? What's the matter boys, cat got your tongues? Ok, I'll break this eerie silence with my takes on the game.

- The offensive line looked not so great once again. With Clifton now out (that didn't take long) the game of musical chairs begins again on the O-Line. That can't be good. You have to hope this doesn't become a Brewers rotation type of issue, where we just go with the same thing all year and hope it eventually works.

- Running game was once again lackluster. I'm not sure if that's a product of the offensive line play or what.

- Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers may want to see what they can do to help get the ball out quicker. I love deep throws just as much as the next guy, but when you're having protection issues that may not be the best idea. I don't know if that's play calling or Rodgers just holding the ball too long. I suspect it may be a little of both.

- I questioned the wisdom of opting for the field goal with just under a minute left. Yeah, I know you need 2 scores regardless. But you can't score a touchdown from the 35 yard line. I know when you're down 10 with a minute to go you're praying for a miracle anyways, but I don't know if I agree with the logic there.

- AWESOME on-side kick by Crosby. That couldn't have worked any better. It was like the change-up of on-side kicks. Everyone was looking up in the air after the 2nd bounce, and it just squibbed right through 'em. Well done.

- It's only week 2, there's a long way to go here. It seems like this happens every year: a team that everyone thinks is putrid, beats someone pretty good in the early going. Everyone proceeds to freak the fuck out and talk about how horrible a loss it was. Only, when week 13 comes around, that "putrid" team is sitting at 8-4 and suddenly it's not looking like that bad of a loss. Like when New England lost to "lowly" Miami in week 3 last year. Oops, actually Miami is a playoff team now, and that's not that bad a loss. Easy Killer...easy.

- The competition is still wide open for the title of Reid's Least Favorite Packer. It looks like Allen Barbre is getting out to a pretty healthy lead, but it's still way too early to tell.

So there you go. I'm not saying anything profound here. It's the same shit we all noticed yesterday. But damn man, someone had to say something. Now that the ice is broke maybe someone can write something actually worth reading.


Devil's Threesome said...

I am quietly plotting the demise of Nebraska's offense coordinator. A fucking gut-punch loss, I'm still shell-shocked. I'm just glad the po-po wasn't called to my place after all the swearing. MOTHERFUCKER!! DAMN IT TO HELL!

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

3some-see my text...i watched the last 2 minutes of that game and you had some d lineman that just couldn't get to the QB with open shots after your secondary made the Tech qb scramble for his life. i'm sorry for your loss and yeah your offense should have scored more than 5 fg's but your defense could have come up with a stand on that last drive.

re: Packers-Reid IMO you are 100% wrong on the FG. You need 10 pts you got to get points while you can. it would have taken the rest of the time on the clock to get in the end zone especially with no time outs. get your 3 pts and hope something happends at the end of the game. at the very least you can throw a hail mary or some shit. i'll have more comments later on Rubie's post.

Devil's Threesome said...

Can't blame anything on that defense. One defensive breakdown should never lose you a game. Their other TD was gift-wrapped off a KO return. Five FGs is a fucking joke.

JM said...

TOTALLY disagree with the field goal comment. Ever play Madden??? This is a strategy video football enthusiasts have been employing since Techmo Super Bowl.

Needing a TD and FG, once you get in range to be confident you'll hit the FG, kick it! If you keep trying for the TD, get another 15 yards and have to kick, you just WASTED game clock and kicked the FG anyway.

This way, you leave yourself the maximum amount of time and know what you need to do. You have to score a TD either way. Why not get the first score as soon as possible to give yourself the most time possible for the second?