Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monterale Clark

Bad news out of Marquette today - Todd Rosiak is reporting that class of 2010 recruit and junior college transfer Monterale Clark was arrested along with 2 other classmates for allegedly sexually assaulting an 18 year old woman. This continues the rollercoaster ride that has been Buzz Williams' short 18 month tenure as head coach at MU. With the recent departures of Brett Roseboro and Aaron Bowen, and now what assuredly will be a scholarship withdrawl from Clark, Coach Williams now has 3 available scholarships for the class of 2010. Buzz has already established quite a reputation for recruiting, so it's easy to get excited over the possibility of upgrading the talent level when a scholarship becomes availabe. However, with the early signing period fastly approaching, and now a 3rd scholarship to fill by next season, I am beginning to worry that there may not be enough time to secure three solid prospects. Buzz has Marquette on the radar for a handful of top 100 prospects yet, but it's highly unlikely that he will be to get a committment from over 50% of them. The recruiting game is just too competitive, and as far as I (we) know, Buzz doesn't partake in the "dirty" recruiting efforts that a number of other institutions allow. That being said, I think that it's unrealistic to hope for 3 top 100-150 prospects at this point in the game. I predict 1 more top 100 guy, a lower level prospect, and 1 JuCo transfer. With the departure of Roseboro and now Clark, MU will be lacking in the big man department once again going into the 2010 season.

In other news, it sounds like Darius Johnson-Odom injured is foot/ankle in practice and will sit out the next month or so. Not good considering he was probably going to be one of the guards that runs much of the offense behind Cadougan/Acker.


Rubie Q said...

Based on what I read in the arrest warrant affidavit, Monterale would have been well-served to remember Rubie's Rule No. 1:

If a police officer tells you that you've got the right to remain silent, STOP TALKING.

Master Reid said...

I can hear Badger fans now: "Bo Ryan would never recruit a player that would get into trouble with the law." Conveniently forgetting that they just had a guy, who's already signed and on campus, get pinched.

Well, 3 scholarships available now. If nothing else it means that reading the recruiting websites just got way more interesting.

Rubie Q said...

According to the Journal, Diamond Taylor has already withdrawn from Madison. And the walk-on got kicked off the team.

Today's tally:

The Law: 3.

BADgers: 0.

Marquette: 0.

Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

Acker didn't get arrested for being a pot head...?

The Law: 3
BADgers: 0
Marquette: 1

Rubie Q said...

Acker's a pot head?

Devil's Threesome said...

This is very disturbing and shows the risk that Buzz has taken by dipping into the JUCO ranks. There are four reasons guys are at a JUCO:
1) They don't have the grades
2) They are trouble
3) They suck
4) They are biding their time for a high major offer

#4 is pretty rare. I understand that Buzz needed to dip into the JUCO ranks to balance out the classes, but it's just begging for trouble.

EMoney said...

D3 - couldn't agree more! I was really questioning his angle by repeatedly going to the juco ranks, but as you said, it was understandable going into his first season with all of the departures and the simple need to get bodies without any time to recruit. Clark, however, was a recruit for 2010 which would be Williams' 3rd season.....meaning he should have had substantial time to avoid recruiting a junior college player.

I understand that there are junior college players that do not carry massive baggage/risk, ie. Jimmy Butler, but considering where Marquette stands as a program (that being consistently ranked in the top 25, and in the Big East conference) and where we want to be from an image stand point (small, private and most of all "clean" Jesuit institution), I suggest staying away from junior college players all together unless absolutely necessary (see last season).

EMoney said...

Rubie - anything else interesting in the report? Did it include what Monterale was saying?

EMoney said...

And regarding your point Reid, Rosiak's post was already littered with comments from MU haters. I would say more than 75% of the comments were outsiders ripping the program.

PS. I already miss the 3 amigos. Never had to worry about them.

Rubie Q said...

The police took two statements from Monterale, and also talked to the other guys who are alleged to have participated.

Monterale denied having anything to do with it in the first statement. The other two said that they both saw Clark on top of the woman. Clark then changed his story, said one of the others was the one who had sex with the woman, and he "merely inserted his finger into the victim’s vagina."

Not good. Not good at all.

Master Reid said...

If I've learned anything from my wife's obsession with cop/court room drama, it's pick a story and stick with it.

Lost in all the "dude got arrested" talk is the DJO injury, which will impact this year's team. A month is kind of a long time for some minor sprain. Let's hope this doesn't become something that hampers him all season.

Rubie Q said...

The other lesson of cop/courtroom dramas: one can never have too many surprise witnesses.

EMoney said...

I mentioned DJO, but what more can be said. He's hurt, it sucks, it's part of the game. I will take an ankle sprain over stress fracture or knee surgery, which has been all too common in our program the past few years, any day of the week.