Monday, October 5, 2009

Da Bears and #1 Receiver Debate continued and random thoughts

After 4 weeks, or 1/4 of the season, I thought I would revisit the Bears #1 receiver debate. I argued that Devin Hester should/could be considered a #1 receiver. The proxy that everyone held was Brandon Marshall - Cutler's #1 receiver in Denver.

Here are Marshall's numbers through 4 games:
16 Receptions
219 Yards
2 Touchdowns

Hester's numbers through 4 games (including not playing the 2nd half this Sunday):
14 Receptions
189 Yards
2 Touchdowns

I would say those numbers are pretty darn close - and factor in that Hester didn't play in the 2nd half of the game yesterday - I would argue those numbers could have been dead even. I am really starting to further believe that a "#1 receiver" is over-rated and the QB makes the receiver. To further prove that point take a look at Johnny Knox - a rookie receiver for the Bears taken in the 5th round. 14 receptions, 190 yards, 2 Touchdowns.

Granted - it's only 4 games.

Here's hoping that tonight's game lives up to the hype- as a Bears fan, I'm hoping for a tie....I think that would be flipping funny as hell. In my opinion the Packers Defense will have to step up huge to win this game.

NFL Commercials that piss me off:

If I have to see AJ Hawk's hair flopping around like he's running on the scene of Baywatch in that NFL Play 60 commercial tonight - I may throw up all over myself.

I am soooo sick of the stupid Dennis Leary Ford commercials and the Howie Long Chevy commericials - Detroit - it's time for a new ad campaign - Fox it's time to stop running the same 3 commercials over and over and over again.


Devil's Threesome said...

No, no, no. The two worst NFL commericals are the DirecTV one with Peyton Manning and the cheerleaders. No, Peyton, I'm actually watching the game in HD, thanks for the look at the ladies.

By far, the most grating commercial is the Verizon (?) one with the quasi-hot Steelers fan chick extending her cirle of friends. When she pops out of that bubble and they play that lame-ass "Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!" sound bite I want to puncture both ear drums. Then they say that she is trash talking people across the nation. What could be more annoying than a chick Steelers fan trash talking you?

Devil's Threesome said...

Back to the point at hand - comparing Hester's pedestrian numbers to Marshall's pedestrian numbers does not make Hester a #1. That's less than 50 yrds a game - not exactly lighting up the scoreboard.

Tell your boy Johnny Knox to hold onto the ball until he gets INTO the end zone next time.

Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

I completely agree with you. With that said- look at what has happened to Marshall since Cutler left. Looking at only this year - that's not #1 receiver stats either. I'm arguing that Cutler made Marshall a #1 - and with time Cutler will do the same to either Hester, Knox or Bennett. That's why I was not overly concerned about not having a "#1" going into this season.

by the way - I don't mind the Manning commercial - I'd rather look at cheerleaders then AJ Hawks's hair blowing int he wind.

Rubie Q said...

Didn't Knox get hurt, too?

Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

Yeah - he did but he played into the 4th quarter (I think)...Hester was out in the first half.

Rubie Q said...

Right. My only point was that you're running out of warm bodies at that position.

Also, re: this No. 1 receivers business: I think there are a group of elite wide receivers in this league who will be outstanding regardless of the person throwing them the ball. Calvin Johnson is in that class. I don't think Matt Stafford makes Cal Johnson into a better weapon.

Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

Knox will be fine - plus the Bears have the bye week next I am guessing he will be 100% and Hester will be probable.

I also agree that there are elite receivers - Andre and Calvin Johnson, OchoCinco, TO and Moss (about 3-5 years ago), etc. But the arguement from many Packer fans before the season started was that Cutler doesn't have anyone to throw to, and that Brandon Marshall was making Cutler look good. What I'm saying is that Cutler was making Marshall look good.

EMoney said...

I agree with Rub, but am going to take it a step further. Elite receivers put up no.1 numbers regardless of who is throwing them the ball, but there are a number of very good receivers that are made to look elite because of the QB that is throwing the ball. Right now Brandon Marshall's and Devin Hester's #'s are about equal. Devin Hester has Jay Cutler throwing him the ball, Brandon Marshall has KYLE ORTON throwing him the ball. Having Orton (and being part of the Broncos offense in general) is a huge handicap when comparing the two. That would be like telling me to run the 40 yard dash vs Reid only I have to run it wearing ski boots. I might be faster than Reid, but the whole situation makes me appear to be the same speed or slower than Reid.

If Jay Cutler was cloned and played for both the Bears and Broncos, Marshall's #'s would be far superior to Hester's. Hester still is not a true number 1 receiver.