Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flip, Meet Flop.

It's MikeHunt. Would you expect any less?

Remember, back in January, when Mike proudly took up the flag for the "Trade Prince Fielder" brigade? In case you don't:

So, yes, the Brewers should avoid delaying the inevitable by trading Fielder as soon as a sensible opportunity presented itself. For example, on the off chance a pitching-rich team like Boston would be willing to give up a presentable starter, you do that and you do it now.

Today? (Like you don't know what's coming.)

Do not trade Prince Fielder. Do not blow that gaping hole into the middle of the lineup until absolutely necessary, the 2011 trading deadline or the end of that season ...

Here's the part that confuses me:

MikeHunt was in favor of moving Prince before spring training, when the big man was coming off a year where he OPS'ed under .900 and "only" hit 34 bombs. Relatively speaking, Prince's trade value was probably at its lowest.

Now, though, when Prince is coming off a 6.7 WAR season, having hit 46 homers and driven in 141, MikeHunt thinks the Brewers should hang on to him.

Please understand: I am not in favor of moving Prince this off-season, and I never have been. I'm merely saying: if you think it might be a good idea to trade Prince for pitching, doesn't a trade make more sense
now, when his value is probably at or near its peak?


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

i hope the powers that be don't read MikeHunt's column because correct me if I'm wrong he'll have absolutely zero trade value at the end of the 2011 season because he'll be a free agent with 2011 being his 3rd arbitration year. but i'm just an accountant, not a pulitzer prize worthy columnist so I may have that wrong.

Rubie Q said...

Ha. Good catch.

Charlie Weis' said...

somebody on the radio had an idea that I thought could be interesting...would you trade Hart, Hardy, Gamel and a top 3 prospect for Zach Greinke?

Rubie Q said...

Yeah, I probably would, but I don't know why the Royals would do it. They're not going to win anytime soon, so Hart and Hardy don't make sense. Gamel's going to be good, and the top 3 prospect is ... I don't know, Salome? Lucroy?

The problem, as always, is that we don't have any young arms to offer in return. Look what the Sox had to give up to get Peavy -- pitching, pitching, pitching. Greinke's under team control for the next three years at very affordable prices; I don't see the Roy-Boys parting with him for four position players.

Charlie Weis' said...

Maybe it's not Greinke - but to get a frontline starter it's going to take 3 everyday players like Hart, Hardy and Gamel + a top prospect....would you be willing to do it for a true #1

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

rubie is ain't getting anyone's frontline starter unless you give up young pitching in return, something the Brewers have very little of unless you throw in manny parra and narveson or something.

A.Guss said...

I would have to think that trading Mat Gamel is going to happen if the Brewers want to obtain a quality SP.