Monday, October 12, 2009

For Whatever It's Worth, And That's Probably Not Much.

So, VaJayJay signed us up to be part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance -- which is funny for a few reasons. First, because any time the word "alliance" is used, I think of this. And, second, because well-informed, intelligent people are apparently interested in our half-baked opinions on topics like: "Who should win the Manager of the Year Award in the National League?"

Not that it matters a lick (and acknowledging that Manager of the Year is probably the second-most preposterous post-season award out there after Comeback Player of the Year), but, if I had to cast a vote, I'd go:

(3) Fredi Gonzalez, Florida Marlins, who, rumor had it, was potentially on the chopping block after leading the team with the smallest payroll in baseball to an 87-75 record. Yeah, that seems fair.

(2) Bruce Bochy, San Francisco Giants, for having the largest dome in the game (now that Kevin Mench has been put out to pasture). And, yes, I know he's got Lincecum and Cain, but he also had, by my count, twelve guys over the age of 40 on his roster. (Note: I'm bad at counting.) How that group ever scored more than 2 runs in a game is beyond me.

(1) Jim Tracy, Colorado Rockies. I don't follow the Rockies, so I don't know, for sure, what (if anything) he did to turn this ship around. But the numbers are kind of overwhelming here: 18-28 pre-Jimbo, 74-42 after he took the reins. Applying the immutable Laws of Causation -- if event Y happened after event X, then event X caused event Y -- the inescapable conclusion is that Jim Tracy is a genius. Or something like that.

I'm not ranking the rest of the them, but, in case you wondered, last place goes to Dusty Baker.


Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

Better question - should Jim Leyland fired for losing a division he led 3 games with 4 to play?

Rubie Q said...

It'd be hard to judge Leyland on 4 games in September. Maybe the collapse over the whole month is a better barometer.

Either way, I think he's safe.

Master Reid said...

I can find no fault in these votes. Whether right or wrong, any coach/manager that takes a team that everyone thought was shitty and makes a playoff run will win this award. So, 2009 NFL Coach of the Year looks to be all but sewn up for Josh McDaniel.