Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey, Remember Back In April ...

When Reid put together that massive, barely-legible chart that tabulated our MLB season predictions? (I know it was a long time ago -- this was before Kirby's self-imposed exile, before D3's nuptials, before Moongoose stopped commenting ... oh, wait.) Anyway, we've not reached the World Series yet, but I thought I'd give an update on where we stand going into the LCSes.

Rubie and $ pantsed the field in the AL; me and my boy E picked each division winner and the Wild Card winner correctly. D3 and Kirby picked the four playoff participants correctly, but both had the BoSox winning the East and the Yankees claiming the Wild Card. VaJayJay hit 3 of 4 playoff teams (but he, too, had the Red Sox in the East), and so did SBTG ('cept he hit the Yankees in the East and the Sox as the Wild Card). FPMKE and Gunt limped to the finish by picking 2 of the 4 playoff teams, and Reid faceplanted with a majestic 1 for 4 performance. (Reid was also the only Buffeter not to pick the Angels in the West. Way to think outside the box with that A's pick, slapnuts.)

The NL, to put things mildly, was a massive clusterfuck. $ again led the field by picking three of four playoff teams (he had the Cards as the Wild Card). D3, SBTG, VaJayJay, and FPMKE got 2 of the 4 playoff teams, while Reid, Gunt, Kirby and I embarrassed ourselves with 1 for 4 performances. (Actually, I was 1 for 3, as I picked both the Dodgers or D-backs in the West. I said both sounded shitty. I was half-right.)

As for Brewer predictions: $, Gunt, and Kirby came the closest, as each called an 82-80 record. VaJayJay was in the ballpark with an 84-win prediction (and correctly predicted that the Crew would finish in third in the Central), and FPMKE pussy-footed it with a lame "over .500" prediction. The rest of us, though, must've been huffing some serious paint, as Reid, SBTG, and I went ALL IN on the 2009 Crew. SBTG had the Brewers at 87-75, and Reid and I both had 'em as the Wild Card winner. This, of course, just goes to show you: things are much better around here when I'm a grouchy, whiny pessimist.

So, what have we learned? $'s pretty good at this, Reid is comically bad at it, and the rest of us didn't have much of a clue, either.

Coming soon: stay tuned for MVP and Cy Young predictions (and be sure to watch the ballots closely to see if Kirby's Ervin Santana Cy prediction plays out), and for our World Series predictions.


EMoney said...

A great man once said, "God I love it when I do that"

(Name that quote)

But seriously, who the flip would have predicted the rockies? One might contend that their staff is as rotten as Milwaukee's, so how'd they pull it off?

Wait....I know.....they're really good at "small ball".

Master Reid said...

I know who said that quote: ME!

Anyways, in my defense, being the one who compiled all the picks I saw that everyone had very similar picks. So, I tried to think "outside the box" and ended up thinking WAY outside the box, in fucking Crazy Land. Oops. I did call the Cubs falling on their faces though. And that A's pick wouldn't have been the worst pick of them all if Moongoose got his picks in on time; he picked the Royals to win the central. I think that would've at least tied me.

Moongoose McQueen said...

I do like to be the best at what I do. Best at winning, best at sucking - not too particular about which.

Master Reid said...

I just re-read that post.

I like how I was already predicting that I'd be the laughing stock when this thing was all said and done. I picked 3 teams to win their division, that ended up in LAST place. I'm a ritard.

EMoney said...

Well, at least you have perfect hair Reid.