Friday, October 30, 2009

Joe Alexander = BUST

In other news, Milwaukee Bucks general manager John Hammond has opted to NOT pick up the 2010-2011 contract of former 8th overall pick Joe Alexander. Joe Alexander becomes the highest pick and only the 3rd player to not have his option picked up. This move is a concession by Bucks upper management that they completely whiffed on this pick. As much as I hate to say it and as much as I hate stroking my own........Hey John, told ya so! It must be really embarassing for the overpaid management of the Milwaukee Bucks to continually get schooled by their lowly brat eating and Miller High Life drinking fan base. This latest disaster seems to continue what has been nearly a decade long trend of first round misses by Milwaukee general manager's. When will this madness stop? These overpaid know it alls need to stop rolling the dice on "upside" and realize that for every Kobe Bryant, there are 100+ Joe Alexanders. It's amazing! The notoriously bad teams (see Milwaukee, LA Clippers, Warriors, etc.) end up in the lottery every year and continue to gamble on young unproven players with upside. Where has it got them? The lottery. Meanwhile, teams like San Antonio (see Tony Parker, Manu, DEJUAN BLAIR!) and Detroit (Tayshaun Prince, Jason Maxiell) sit back in the late first round/early second, watch all these idiots gamble, then select the proven players......maybe 3/4 year college or european players that may not have that superstar potential, but you know what you're gonna get with them. They play smart, know their role, and will probably be a more "coachable" kind of player.

I am just at a loss right now. Once Michael Redd is gone the cupboard will be officially bare in Milwaukee. Attendance continues to decrease at the BC everyear, so what is management going to do to change the momentum? I don't have an answer for that, but I will say that if something doesn't happen soon (ie. Brandon Jennings actually turns into a great player), I wouldn't be surprised if Milwaukee is the next vacated NBA city. That would be just sad. What would Freeway do during the long winter months in Wisconsin?


FPMKE said...

Freeway would have to make do with being an Admirals fan, MU Basketball, and UW MKE.

You are a Baffoon said...

This whole Bucks rant really gets me thinking about how this franchise is a lost soul. I remember just 8 years ago screaming like a frickin idiot during the run of the big three during the playoffs and just enjoying the moment. Now you couldn't pay me to go watch a game. In fact I've seen one game in three years, absolutely atrocious. I remember the pinnacle of this whole sham came when myself, Master Reid, and another henchmen had just finished up an afternoon tilt at the BC two winters ago watching Marquette and decided to hit up the ole' wing shop on Water Street. After several cold ones and some savory spicy garlic wings the bartender came over explained how she came across some evening Bucks tickets and said she was having trouble getting rid of them. Well alittle confused we asked her, "Well, how much are you sellin' them for?" She replied, "Don't be silly, they're free." It took us about three seconds to be the 47th group of boozers to turn down the free tickets as well. The damn things are probably in that huge mountain of garbage just outside of Franklin, along with all the other unwanted ones. A sad state of affairs indeed...maybe hope and change can help, but I suspect something bigger that involves moving vans and forklifts would need to change this franchise into a winner, but that wouldn't involve the 414 area code.

White But Still Hip said...

Brandon Jennings is going to be a star in this league. It won't help the bucks, but maybe whatever city they move to will really enjoy him.