Thursday, October 15, 2009

Marquette Madness

This might be old news but here are the recruits attending Marquette Madness:

Jamail Jones - 6'6 Wing from Montverde Academy via Stone Mountain, GA (Verbally committed to Marquette) (Unofficial Visit) (2010)

Tarik Black - 6'8 PF from Ridgeway High School in Memphis, TN (Official visit) (2010)

Vander Blue - 6'4 Guard from Madison Memorial in Madison, WI (Official Visit) (2010)

Branden Dawson - 6'5 Wing from Lew Wallace High School in Gary, IN - (Unofficial Visit) (2011)

Keaton Miles - 6'6 forward from Dallas Lincoln in Dallas, TX (Unofficial Visit) (2011)

Kyle Anderson - from Newark High School in Newark, IL - (Unofficial Visit) (2011)

Looks like Vander Blue will be at MM. Would be awesome if we could steal him from Madison. Is anyone going? I'm still on the fence on whether or not I can make it up there.


EMoney said...

No visit from Justin Coleman???

Regarding Blue, I'm still not holding my breath on an MU committment from him. MU may have been on his mind all along, but the circus that will follow if he committs to MU after decommitting from UW will be ridiculous. It seems like he wants to stay close to home, but it may be in his best interest to get outta dodge.

This of course doesn't meet that I wouldn't love to see him in Blue and Gold running along side J-May. In fact, I think we are going to need help at guard next year with the unfortunate uncertainty of Cadougan's health.

FYI - good article AND blog from Rosiak on the urinal today. Got me a little fired up for the season.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I'll be there and I believe SBTG and Reid will be there as well.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

I'll be there so long as Mrs. SBTG gets home from her dinner with school friends in time to get little SBTG to bed. that should put me at the AL sometime between 7:30 and 8 which should be perfect timing seeing as though the festivies really start after a 6 pm volleyball game, then the Women's teams works on lay-ups before the men's team activites.

Master Reid said...

Oh I'll be there. We are drinking before, during* and/or after, are we not?

*Was it last year that Baffoon and I brought in a flask full of Jim Beam? I think it was. Ah, to be young again...

EMoney said...

Wish I was going to be around to smuggle in cans of beer too.

Does anyone else find it odd that only 2 players for next years class will be there (this according to Gunt's count)? I'm having a hard time remembering the # of scholarships available will all of the late reshuffling, but I think we have 2 more to fill. I'm beginning to worry about that classs, although I'll wait to make judgement until november hits (I will say that I would be completely happy in adding Black, Blue, or Green (ha just kidding)...Tarik Black, Vander, or Justin Coleman. Adding any one of these 3 would make another solid class).

You are a Baffoon said...

Unfortunately I will be on Friday night lights scouting lockdown filming two area football games, for me to poop on. Chayce save some Beam for me when we travel to Cincy in Feb...