Monday, October 5, 2009

News Alert: Green Bay Coaching Staff Loses Spines on Way to Minneapolis

Don't have time to get into too much here, but what a traveshamockery this game has been. ZERO, absolutely ZERO pass rush. No complicated blitz packages, and when they did send more than 4, they didn't even get close to Brett. I think Brett's been hit once. And what was with that play where Brett danced around for over 7 seconds while Green Bay's 3 D-lineman just stood there and watched. Are they afraid to go after their friend Brett? He is 40 years much mobility does he have? So calling Dom Capers! Where the fuck is this creative scheme that we've been hearing so much about!

Also, Coach McCarthy, what the hell is with spreading the offense out and going shotgun on 4th and goal from the 2 foot line? I mean, if you're going to man up and go for it, fucking man up and either pound the ball or at least make it look like running could be a distince possibility. Our O-line has done nothing to show anyone that they can protect Rodgers for more than 3 seconds so why on earth would you not at least have a RB back there to at least protect. Further, down 2 td's with 11 min's to play, 3rd and long, and you run some statue of liberty play? Jesus Crizzle! Why don't you take off that white skirt you're wearing and wave it so we can concede the game and at least prevent further embarassment than you have already provided in this game. This just in.....7th sack of Aaron Rodgers tonight....19 on the year! I am fucking sick to my stomach. Just put in Brohm now.

Favre just accomplished what he said he wanted to do, that is, stick it to those who doubted him.

Sheets VaJ - The fire Mike McCarthy level in my apartment is yellow right now. If I these spineless performances continue much longer, I am on full board.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I yelled out to fire McCarthy at the bar after that first challenge. Really? You challenge an OBVIOUS fumble. Don't you have people that you pay up to tell you whether to challenge once they see a replay?

Ugh. What a douche.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

i believe the commentator's said McCarthy is one of the best challenger's in the league so you shut you mouth VaJayJay they are never wrong.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I can't even comment back on that.

I think your comment needed more exclamation points.