Monday, November 2, 2009

Anybody Got $20?

I'm taking a collection. After yesterday's performance, I'm making good on my longstanding threat and buying I'm not doing this because of the play-calling, or because he can't get A-Rodg to get the ball out quicker (I still got mad love for you, Aaron, but four of those sacks were on you. Trust your reads, my man), or because his team came out flat in a must-win game.

No, I'm buying that domain for one simple reason: Johnny Jolly. That fucking personal foul was an abomination, and confirmed what I've long suspected: we are the single dumbest team in the NFL. How do we constantly get baited into shit like that? Because we're dumb. And that, more than anything, is a direct reflection on the head coach. The fact that Johnny Numbnuts wasn't benched for the rest of the game -- and, no, I don't care how good he was playing; you do something that stupid, you sit for the rest of the game -- is just icing on the cake.

So: who's got a buck-oh-five to get this bitch up and running?


KL Snow said...

I'll chip in. But is "" available?

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

I'd like to add one more idiot player to the list. 3rd and 9 from the 16ish with about 5 minutes to go. All we have to do is stop them short of the first down line and force them to kick the field goal and we can still tie it with a TD and 2 point conversion. of course we get no pressure on #4 and Berrian is wide open in the crease 2 yards short of the first. Nick Collins is late getting there but instead of going straight for the hit to take him down short of the first he makes a diving attempt to knock the ball down and fails...Berrian scores and the game is over. WTF!

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I was so pissed at that play. I was watching the game with the lady friend and her family and about blew my lid. If I wasn't stuffed full of chili, I'm sure I would have. He really didn't even get close to that ball!

Freedom costs a buck-o-five.

Master Reid said...

I'm not usually one to quickly jump on the fire the coach bandwagon. But the penalty situation with this team has gotten absolutely unbearable. The one on Jolly was completely insane and allowed the Queens to set the tone for the bitch-slapping that was to ensue. Even more nauseating than that is the constant pre-snap penalties, the illegal formations and illegal motion penalties. It's getting to look quite Mike Martz like out there (and I don't mean that in a good way). That said, I still have no faith in the Packers' ability to gain even a single yard on the ground in a situation where the defense knows it's coming.

In other news: I hate to be the one to burst everyone's bubble, but I went to register this morning at Rubie's request, only to learn that it's already taken. As is

EMoney said...

At this point even the Raiders are looking more disciplined than Green Bay.....and that aen't right. While we have a winning record, the unusually high number of bottom-feeder teams in the league makes our record a bit inflated imo. Only time will tell whether or not we can actually beat a quality team this season. That being said, if McCarthy doesn't coach this team to a winning record I think he will very much be on the hot seat in the off-season. With all of the rumored coaching comebacks(Gruden, Cowher, Shanahan, etc.), it would be a great time to dump our beater and upgrade.

I will add this caveat to the whole firing thing: If McCarthy goes, I think Thompson should go as a package deal(i know, surprise surprise). I know McCarthy doesn't seem to have great control over this team, but I personally don't think that he has been dealt the greatest hands the past few years. I know I'm in the minority regarding Ted Thompson, but for those that are his loyal supporters I ask, what specifically has he done to earn your loyal support year after year? I don't know what our overall record is since he has been given the GM position, but aside from the NFC Championship year (Brett Favre, ahem) GB has been consistently piss poor. You can blame coaching all you want, but at some point you need to go to a higher source.

Master Reid said...

The GM has nothing to do with discipline, schemes, play-calling, and the like. That's on the coach, and that's where the problem lies. I think Thompson has drafted well (I know Justin Harrell was a bust, but there's been a lot more picks that weren't), and while people get their undies in a bundle about not signing any free agents, the ones he has signed (Pickett, Woodson cheifly) have performed. The team hasn't been hamstrung by bad contracts to players that either don't play, or don't play well enough to warrant the amount of cap space they're eating. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I bet you the number of high dollar free agent signings that are playing up to the money they got is significantly less than the ones that are grossly underperforming, and are universally reviled by their fan base.

Rubie Q said...

The offensive line is a mess. That's on Thompson. Other than that, I don't see what you want to blame on Thompson. Like Reid said, this team is an undisciplined disaster, and that is on the coach. End of story.

KL Snow said...

Right, but who hired (and continues to stick with) the coach?

I blame Ted Thompson for more or less all of this. I think McCarthy should go too, but Thompson is responsible for at least as much of the current failure.

EMoney said...

1. Thompson hired McCarthy (probably because he was a cheap hire), so for everyone that's on the fire ted bandwagon, that's Ted's guy

2. Ted Thompson has drafted well? Really? I will give you Greg Jennings in the 2nd round. I think he drafted Rodgers as well (that seems so long ago so it's hard to remember who was the GM), but as you know Reid, you and I sat in the bar that day and were calling for Rodgers by pick #9 so that was an obvious one. Who else is there? AJ Hawk? He was #5 overall and doesn't even play every down in a the new 3-4 scheme! The entire offensive line is Ted's and it's pretty obvious how horrible it is as of right now. We all know about Justin Harrell. He constantly trades down to accumulate picks, but what has it got him? Ummm Greg Jennings? I'd be willing to bet that since he has been GM the Packers are top 5 in total number of picks in the draft yet we seem to have the least quality players to show for it.

3. I'm neutral on the free agent front for the most part, but leaning slightly negative. I think that he should have brought in more during the last few Brett Favre years because it was obvious that we were close to being very good, but I suppose that is debatable. I think that all along Ted had a fascination with the "dick showing" contest between himself and Brett, and I think that he used his personal feelings to make business decisions. Never a good thing. And after he finally gets rid of Brett, he signs his golden boy to a long term deal only to surround him with the least experienced and likely one of the least talented lines in all of football. How does that make any sense? Protecting THE FRANCHISE PLAYER should be number 1 on his agenda, but since Ted will rarely open up his wallet and sign what is a necessity in an experienced offensive lineman, he will only surround him with the guys that HE has drafted (in spite of the fact that they're less than mediocre).

Overall, Ted has done a mediocre job with the amount of talent that he has had. Like I said, I know I'm in the minority here, which is fine, but how much longer do you give him? What if we don't make the playoffs this year? Next year? What will it take for Green Bay's upper management to axe Ted Thompson? Further, Rodgers still has 9 games to get his ass beat in. Another season of this and he could easily turn into the next Trent Green. I can only imagine how horrendous we would be with our lack of a run game and Brian Brohm chucking passes to boot.

EMoney said...

I suppose I'm looking for a good "concrete" case from the Ted backers. All I ever get are vague comments that don't have specifics to back it up (see, drafts well).

Rubie Q said...

I wrote an extended post on Ted's draft history after April's draft. I'll find it and update it.

You are a Baffoon said...

The offensive line is a shit show and that is on the personnel department i.e. Teddy Boy and the coaching of McCarthy and Campen. Clearly the coaching staff is losing faith in the tackle yourself in the open field, Ryan Grant (did anyone see that play at the end of the half, it was like a leprechaun jumped out of the turf and tripped him, absolutely brutal.) If we don't make the playoffs this year which is a good possibility unless Mark Tauscher starts eating spinich or one of those rookie douche-bag offensive tackles reads his playbook change will happen Money, I'll put $580 Rueteman winnings on it. And before we start sharting in our shorts, look on the bright side, the O-line can only get better right? I mean on one of the sacks TJ Lang stepped hard inside instead of just manning up and pass protecting Jared "The Mullet" Allen. Clearly this is from lack of experience and continuity. There is no clear answer for this year. You have to get better with what you have right now or face the rammifications on the backend of a potentially disappointing, underachieving, undisciplined 2009 campaign. I hope we are just blowing hot air in the end and someone on that coaching staff figures out wtf is going on otherwise we're back to the drawing board again.

EMoney said...

To extend this discussion, there was an article in the js today that parallels our discussion and compares our roster and off-season moves to Minn's over the past few years. Here is a side by side comparison:

2006: The Vikings added perennial Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson and reliable kicker Ryan Longwell in free agency. The Packers added Pro Bowl cornerback Charles Woodson and defensive lineman Ryan Pickett in free agency and drafted wide receiver Greg Jennings.

Edge: Green Bay. Both teams made great moves that benefited their clubs, but gambling on Woodsen paid off which gives GB and Ted Thompson the edge here.

2007: The Vikings drafted all-pro running back Adrian Peterson and budding star receiver Sidney Rice and signed starting tight end Visanthe Shiancoe in free agency. The Packers didn't draft a single player who has made an impact as great as Rice (Justin Harrell was the first pick) and acquired running back Ryan Grant in a trade.

Edge: Do I even need to tell you? It's the Vikes. I want to highlight the sentence, "The Packers didn't draft a single player who has made an impact as great as Rice(Justin Harrell was the first pick)". Rice hasn't really done crap until #4 arrived so that emphasizes how bad of a draft that really was for Green Bay.

2008: The Vikings traded for Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen and signed receiver Bernard Berrian in free agency. The Packers signed backup linebacker Brandon Chillar in free agency and drafted one player with special talent, tight end Jermichael Finley, who is a backup.

Edge: Again, do I need to answer this? Well, again it's the Vikes. Minn signed, I repeat, signed PRO BOWL DE Jared Allen who has been terrorizing Aaron Rodgers ever since. Again, the Packers failed to improve their team via free agency or the draft (Finley is a nice player but just isn't there yet and still a backup).

2009: The Vikings signed future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre and drafted Percy Harvin, who has proved to be a dynamic returner and receiver, and right tackle Phil Loadholt, who has started seven of eight games. The Packers signed free agent offensive lineman Duke Preston (cut in training camp) and drafted nose tackle B.J. Raji, who has had no impact, and linebacker Clay Matthews, who has star potential.

Edge: Vikes for a 3rd consecutive season. I actually like TT's picks of Raji and Matthews, but it might be a year or 2 before they are impact players. Minnesota realized what they needed to take them to the next level and they went out and got that piece in #4 Bett Favre. They are serious Super Bowl contenders as a result.

EMoney said...

Summary (although I think some of you are tired of this discussion): Look at where both teams were after the 07/08 season. Green Bay was a field goal away from the Super Bowl while Minnesota was a sub 0.500 team and consistently picking high in the draft. Since then, the teams have essentially flip flopped pecking orders in the NFL. And how did this occur? For Minnesota, they drafted well, but followed that up by adding quality players on all sides of the ball via free agency. Green Bay on the other hand has failed to draft consistently well, and at the same time hasn't signed an impact player since 2006. So this is essentially my gripe. The addition of one or two players (whether it be through the draft or via free agency) can drastically change the makeup of a team and improve win totals in 1 or 2 years (see Minn, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans). I don't see Ted Thompson having this urgency however. He wants to build this team over the long haul through the draft, which I am not totally against, but you can't swing and miss on draft picks as often as he has. Drafting isn't a perfect science, I know, but you can remedy poor drafting by signing free agents, something that TT will rarely do (unless you think Brandon Chillar, Duke Preston, and Ryan Grant are big time gets). Due to this unfortunate combination, there are gaping holes of talent on all sides of the ball, and as a result have only beaten 2 teams with winning records over the past 2 seasons.