Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Impressions

Now that we've gotten a taste for the new look Golden Eagles, what does everyone think? Do they look better than originally thought? Worse? On par? I can't be a good judge in this case because I only caught the 2nd half of the Maryland East Schore game, but here's what I took away from 20 minutes of basketball: Overall, they look a little better than I thought coming into the season. What I was most impressed with was the ball movement. With the lack of go to guys (something that this team isn't used to), the ball seems to move quickly around until a good shot is available......and I didn't seem to witness many unnecessary shots. This I like and is going to be critical considering very few of these guys are capable of creating on their own. Second, I like the increased aggressiveness of Butler, Cubillan, and Acker. Butler was actually taking outside jumpers (3-3 from beyond the arc I believe), Cubillan was pump faking and driving to the basket to either get a layup or kick out (something new to his game), and Acker was creating a bit more and hitting mid-range jumpers off the dribble (something he probably hasn't done since before he transferred). Considering these are the team's upper classmen, this is good to see. We know Butler is solid, and he likely will improve his offensive output this season, but if
Acker and Cubillan can seriously contribute offensively, this team will be exponentially more competitive.

Negatives: Maymon doesn't look ready yet. It appears that he may have benefited largely from his size and athleticism in high school. He seems to do okay from a physical standpoint (rebounding), but offensively he can't do what he could in high school so I think there is going to be quite an adjustment period for him. I hope he has a solid jumper that he can implement. Otule, while improved, still isn't ready to compete at the Big East level. I hope he can continue to improve enough over the next 6 weeks where he can play a solid 15 min/game.

Ultra Negative: Erik Williams! Has only seen 2 minutes of game action in the first 2 games. Considering he was a top 100 prospect coming spite of the fact that he lost a solid year due to injury.......this is really surprising to me. With all of the new faces on this team, one would think that a player of his caliber would at least see some garbage time against these highly inferior opponents. I'll wait and see what happens in the Grambling game, but if he doesn't get in then, there must be serious issues with his transition to D1 ball. I hate to even think this, but if this continues, might there be a possibility of a transfer? I sincerely hope not! Considering the state of our program, we can't afford to lose another player. That would leave MU with 3 available scholarships going into next season.........and that's with the early signing period come and gone. I guess we will have to wait and see.


PS. Reid, what happened to our pre-season predictions that you were going to handle?


Master Reid said...

Dude, in order to compile our collective pre-season predictions people have to actually MAKE pre-season predictions. FPMKE was the only one who submitted anything. So what I would've written would not have been "QatB Big East Predictions", it would've been "What Reid and FPMKE Think About the Upcoming Season".

FPMKE said...

Yeah, and my fucking computer was being a bitch that day and froze after I typed up a well thought out submission... I ended up doing something half-assed.

Rubie Q said...

I don't pay enough attention to the other teams to make predictions about the league.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

MU signs PG Reggie Smith to LOI today...apparently he's just outside the top 100. nice pick-up for coach buzz which leaves one more scholly for the spring.

EMoney said...

Sorry Reid....I was waiting for an email that you would send out. Should we try and have it in by the end of the weekend. I imagine we will all pick MU to beat Grambling, but the good games start next week, so we can start with the Xavier game pick through the Big East season. Overall Record, Big East record, MVP, Most Improved Player, Newcomer of the Year.

EMoney said...

By the way, Reggie Smith is a great pickup! I'm surprised we got another good pg considering the makeup of our team for next year. I'll take it! Still need a power forward however.

Master Reid said...

As for the team, I don't really have much of a feel for the team yet either. I saw the UMES game, but that's it. I was a little surprised how many 3s we made. Guys weren't overly shy about launching, especially DJO. Hopefully they don't become too reliant on those. Only 9 turnovers was also pleasing, especially against an inferior opponent. There's obviously a lot of work to do. Oh, and I like Buycks. That's all I got.

EMoney said...

Per Rivals: Marquette added a big dose of athleticism to their backcourt in signing Reggie Smith.


6-foot-1 point guard Reggie Smith is rapidly emerging as one of the more underrated point guards in the country. Smith has been known for his extraordinary leaping ability but a solid couple days of play in front of big time coaches at the King City Classic Cleveland last week may take away that underrated label.

Our backcourt is going to be stacked starting next year! Smith sounds like a good complement to Junior Cadougan at the point. They're both solid but bring different things to the table. Tommy likey!

Devil's Threesome said...

Buycks has been impressive thus far.
Otule is still a ways away, but he is so much more physically cut this year. I hope he gets enough run to improve.
Maymon looks overwhelmed.
Fulce doesn't bring much to the table. He's limited offensively and is a sieve defensively.
Jimmy Legs has looked solid, particularly the shooting.
DJO loves the 3 - that has to end, he needs to use his athleticism to create shots.

We are still a reaching and grabbing defensive team. A couple chippy fouls on Zar or Butler and we can kiss any chance of beating a legit team goodbye.
We are also a little too fond of the 3 for my liking.

To sum the ramble, we are a little ahead of where I thought we'd be, but it's hard to judge against the schlock we've played. The Old Spice will be a good challenge.

EMoney said...

While we have been shooting the 3 a little too often for most of our liking.....we've been shooting a pretty good percentage I think. You may be right about DJO (as I stated I've only seen 1 half thus far), but the others ie. Acker, Cubillan, Buycks, Butler were taking open 3's and knocking them down. If I remember correctly, the 3 was considered to be strongsuits of Coobie and Acker coming in. That being said, if we can shoot the 3 well as a team, might this be our way of remaining competitive throughout the season?

EMoney said...

Great youtube clip here of Reggie Smith. He has some sick hops!