Thursday, November 5, 2009

Freedom Costs a Buck-o-Five...

But a World Series costs slightly more. About $208 million more, to be exact. I have often railed against the Yankees for being nothing but a bunch of mercs, put together by the big stack bully of the MLB poker table. And those who disagree would counter with the argument that the Yankees dynasty of the late 90's was built entirely on their own players (Jeter, Pettite, Rivera, Posada, Bernie Williams) and lesser acquisitons that were role players (O'Neil, Brosisus, Tino Martinez). That argument, of course, fails to mention the starting rotation on those teams, but I'll give it to ya. But this year, that case holds significantly less water. Sure Jeter, Pettite and Rivera are still there, but they aren't the core of the team anymore. The cornerstones are now ARod (acquired due to their ability to absorb his ridiculous contract, and then signed to an even more ridiculous contract), Texieria (free agent), Johnny Damon (free agent), Matsui (free agent), Swisher (traded in a salary dump), etc. Not to mention Sabathia and Burnett. If you're still trying to sell me on the fact that New York didn't straight up buy this latest championship, you're probably wasting your breath.

The distance between the Yankees and the rest of the world was made even more glaring this past offseason. When an economic downturn made the rest of the world skittish about overspending, the Yanks outbid themselves to sign the 3 highest rated free agents on the market. Baseball "insider"/sideline wiener Ken Rosenthal wrote something interesting today. Once you get past all the slurping of the Yankees, and how pure their emotion was after going 9 arduous years without a World Series title, Kenny makes the point that not only have the Yankees spend a shit ton of money lately, but they spent it wisely. Which is frightening if you're pretty much anyone except the Red Sox. Also not only did the Yanks load up this past offseason, but they're prepared to do it again this year. So, as Rosenthal also points out, don't be surprised to see Matt Holliday and a high priced pitcher or 3 end up in pinstripes next season. The basic message for everyone outside Yankee Nation: Be afraid, be very afraid. Oh, and if all this sounds like "sour grapes", that's because it is. F the Yankees.

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