Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ok, I'm done with the NBA again.

After a long week of hunting and stuffing my face, I was ready for a full day of doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching sports. And since every day of sports is better when you have an increased rooting interest, I decided to stop by Centsports to place a few wagers on yesterday's events.

Now, I've had a rough run of luck lately (lost six straight parlays), so I was back down to a dime in my account. In an effort to climb out of that hole, I bet said dime on this four way parlay:

CBB: Marquette (+5) over Michigan
CFB: Illinois (+21) over Cincinnati
CFB: Over 40 combined for Colorado-Nebraska
NBA: Bucks (+5) over Oklahoma City

As I'm sure most of you know, Marquette cruised to a victory over Michigan. One down.

And Illinois? They were out of it for most of the game, but Cincinnati's defense kept them just close enough to only lose by 13. Two down.

I'm not going to lie - even with money riding on it, I couldn't pretend to give a shit about Colorado-Nebraska. But, I checked back sometime in the middle of the second half and it was already 28-14. Three down.

Then there was the turd in the punch bowl. It's been a long time since I've cared about the NBA, and I probably shouldn't have allowed myself to get suckered in. With that said, this Bucks team kind of looks like fun, from a distance. I'll admit, I watched Brandon Jennings score 55 against the Warriors and it was a good time. So, certainly they could keep it within 5 against a low-level Western Conference team, right?

Wrong. Last night's game reminded me of everything I hate about watching NBA basketball. The me-first-and-nothing-else-second mentality. Terrible shot decisions. Sloppy play. Players giving up on plays five seconds into the shot clock. All the fundamental skills of a bad high school girls team, demonstrated by players who are supposed to be professionals.

And where the hell was Brandon Jennings? The player I tuned in to watch, Milwaukee's supposed franchise savior, sat out a large chunk of the first quarter and nearly all of the third. While Jennings sat the bench and watched Ersan Ilyasova throw up airballs*, the Thunder went on a 25-4 run and never looked back.

* - Dude, seriously. How many times do you have to miss the same shot? You're on the court with some decent basketball players. Even Michael Redd was less worthless offensively than you last night. Pass the damn ball.

Actually, though, the moment that sticks out in my mind belongs to Hakim Warrick. With the Bucks snowballing downhill in the third quarter, Warrick got an uncontested dunk and hung on the rim for roughly 6 minutes, drawing a T. It's a stupid thing to do, but at least he should learn from it, right? Nope. Next time he scored was another dunk, and he did the same goddamn thing, causing me to yell loud enough to send the dog into hiding. Fortunately, the refs weren't paying attention this time.

It's moments like that that drove me away from the NBA in the first place. And after watching last night's mess, it'll be a while before I give it a chance again.


Devil's Threesome said...

KL - why were you watching the NBA when glorious, blessed college football was on? West Fucking Virginia (a title they self apply) beat their arch-nemesis, Pitt, on a last second field. The Wannstache is sad.

Also, how dare you diss the Nebraska-Colorado game? I'll check in later with my feet on the street report of the game. They have a live fucking buffalo running around on the field - it's nuts. As an added bonus, I'll give my recap of the Broncos-Giants tilt - the one where Eli Manning continues his meltdown.

KL Snow said...

Don't worry, today it's all college football all the time for me, with a five way parlay going:

Oklahoma (-8) v. Oklahoma St
Oklahoma-Ok. St. over 49
Florida St. (+24.5) at Florida
LSU (-3.5) v. Arkansas
USC-UCLA over 47

Rubie Q said...

Wagering on the NBA is a fool's errand. In any given game, one of the teams might decide: 'Yeah, that's enough for today' in the second quarter. There's no rhyme or reason to it.

And, I'm sorry, D3, but the Husker game was not a thing of beauty. CU is really, really bad. The only reason I kept watching was to see if Mr. Suh could rack up double-digit tackles for loss.

Rubie Q said...

USC - UCLA might go over 47 points in the first half.

Devil's Threesome said...

I'm not contending it was a thing of beauty, but the nation held it's breath as a 3-8 team held an 8-3 team to less than 250 yards of offense and still lost.

My computer just fucking shut down on me and I lost 20 minutes of work on my weekend recap - fuck you Windows 7.

KL - picking Oklahoma and FSU could be your undoing. UF will be charged up to kill FSU in the final home game for Tim Tebow our lord and savior. Urban will be crying and the panties will be flying in Gainesville. Stick around for the ritual brown person circumcision at halftime. It will be a fucking tent revival.