Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Report: Sam Winters Candidate for ND Coaching Position

Mixed reports coming out of South Bend reflect Jimmy Clausen as either the victim of a sucker punch thrown by a disappointed Irish fan or an out of control drunk with a long rap sheet that has been covered up by Charlie Weis and the ND program.

Sam Winters was unavailable for comment regarding his status as a potential coaching candidate or his opinion on the Jimmy Clausen situation. Winters is best known for leading the ESU Timberwolves to a Bowl game after losing his Heisman trophy candidate QB, Joe Kane, to an undisclosed injury for half of the season. Jimmy McGinty and Tony D'Amato are also reported to have interest in the position.


Rubie Q said...

I enjoyed the line about Clausen suffering "at least one" black eye in the fight. So, it was at least one, but probably less than three?

My money says it was a South Bend townie. Those fuckers are mean.

Devil's Threesome said...

I once refrained from punching Chris Thomas in a bar in South Bend. I didn't want to further cripple his pro prospects as a resultant injury may have dropped his FG % to 25% from the normal 30%.

FPMKE said...

Wasn't that the same day that you heckled Chris Quinn's family and some old lady "didn't know that Marquette had asses"?

On a side note, I enjoyed that the Trib did the heavy lifting of tracking down an un-named bartender in an attempt to corroborate the story.

Rubie... do I get a 10 point word score for "corroborate"?

Devil's Threesome said...

I DID NOT heckle Chris Quinn's family. They were simply annoyed by my general loudness and their team's suckitude. Additionally, Chris Quinn's sister was smoking hot.
Instead, I was heckling that d-bag, blazer wearing fuck-nut that was sitting in front of us. Yeah, the guy that claimed Dom's put-back dunk wasn't impressive when the TV feed clearly shows him recoiling in shock. I guess I'll have to post that today.