Thursday, December 10, 2009

Badger Hate Week: History Primer.

There was talk last week of a series of Badger Hate Week posts leading up to the game against the Commie Rodents this Saturday. It looks that idea got off to a rousing start while I was incommunicado the last three days.

Fine, I'll start us off.

For those unfamiliar with the history of UW-Madison* basketball, allow me to summarize the Badgers NCAA tourney results, from the 1947-'48 season to the 1992-'93 season:

* Now, more than ever, the Badger basketball team must be referred to as "UW-Madison." After spitting the bit last night against the Green Bay Phoenix, I've decided that the Badgers have ceded the "UW" mantle to UWGB. Until the Badgers beat the Phoenix, then, I'm calling UWGB the "UW Phoenix." Hey, they earned it.

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FPMKE said...

Yeah, I didn't make it down to my special lady friend's house this week to do my Badger photo tour.