Saturday, December 12, 2009

The battle against communism.

It's finally here. The one non-conference game that we look forward to every year. I had a couple opportunities to attend this game today, but due to a family Christmas party at girlfriend of VJJ's folk's house, I'm stuck in Racine. I'm sure I could have gone, but I enjoy my current situation.

I'm sure I'll hear from those attending today, but I'll be in a ground zero of my own. I'll be surrounded by Badger fans and how argumentative and vulgar I get will increase exponentially with each Old Fashion I have.
I'm going to try and report on the goings on at this party. I hope they'll be happy reports and less intelligible as the night goes on.

After the first time out and we are down 11 - 3. First old fashion in hand.
Second time out. It's not looking good. Mbao got in. A white guy got a rebound over him. Ugh. The Badgers fans love this.
My old fashion is empty and Marquette looks like crap still. Is it wrong to want to punch a 12 year old in the mouth?
Under 4 and now starting to make a run. DJO saving our asses.
Well that wasn't too bad. Could have been worse. This could be better if I had another drink. Thank goodness the grandma came down. She makes one hell of an old fashion.
*Hey look at that. Lazar decided to show up. Still not too good so far. This old fashion(ed) is.
*let's hope this keeps up. These Wisconsin fans (well one racist in particular) need a good punching.
*The foul situation seems a little out of whack. It's hard to tell with a room full of people complaining about ghetto ball and black people. On a side note, I really like Marquette's shoes.


klwillis45 said...

It's Old Fashioned.
Are they the whiskey or brandy variety?

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I've had an argument about that. I've seen old fashion and old fashioned. Either way, they are brandy and delicious.

Charlie Marlow said...
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Rubie Q said...

Die in a car wreck, Bo.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Wow. I should have expected that. I'm doubling my old fashion(ed) intake.

You are a Baffoon said...

Who won?