Monday, December 7, 2009

Blurbs from the Winter Meetings

Well I've finally calmed down from the excitement of the Gregg Zaun signing. So I've been able to spend the day scouring the baseball blogs for any movement by the Brewers during Day 1 of Baseball's annual winter swap meet. In case you have to do actual work during the day, and weren't able to check into all this yourself, here's what I've come across:

-As previously expected, the Brewers have come up in discussions about pretty much every pitcher out there. They have been mentioned as possiblilities for Kevin Correia, Randy Wolf, Joel Piniero, and Doug Davis. People seem to think that Wolf is Option A.

-The Brewers apparently are not in on any deal for Edwin Jackson from the Tigers.

-The Rockies are rumored to have inquired about the availability of Corey Hart. Possibly in a trade for Ryan Spillborghs.

-Jeff Suppan for Juan Pierre? The Dodgers better be picking up a healthy chunk of the $8.5M that Pierre would be getting paid in 2011. If they are, I'm fine with that.

That's all the big stuff for now. You can bet that I'll be watching this shit like a hawk until I clock out and go home to my broken computer. Stay tuned, if something big breaks you can bet that I'll be the 13th or 14th person to blog about it.

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