Monday, December 7, 2009

Brewers Want Decision From Counsell On Contract Proposal

Barry Meister replies,"Those are balls."

Kidding... but Doug Melvin would really like an answer. At a significant hometown discount, I am all for Craigers coming back. Sadly, I think he probably is going to command more money (and years) than we are willing to commit.

In the event that a Craigers deal can't be completed, the Crew picked up Pirates castoff Luis Cruz.

Keeping Reid up to date, rumors seem to indicate that a signing of Randy Wolf is imminent.

Note: I'm not sure why but, for some reason, I imagine Barry Meister to look like Barry Zuckerkorn. I did a 'Barry Meister' Google image search and came up empty-handed. SO congrats Barry Meister, you now will be honored in the blogosphere as an aging, incompetent, version of The Fonz.

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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Barry Zuckerkorn (He's Very Good) is way cooler than the Fonz.