Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Dream Is Alive.

Thanks to the continuing 'Queens Swoon Fest '09 -- as well as the emergence of Devin Aroshmauadoau as a viable receiver and Jay Cutler's "fuck it, I'm not letting the kicker decide this game" heave in OT -- there remains an outside chance that the Packers could draw the Vikings in round one of the NFC playoffs.

If my math is right (and my math is rarely, if ever, right), here's what needs to happen in Week 17:

Philadelphia defeats Dallas
, which keeps the Eagles in the No. 2 slot and bumps the 'Boys to 6th (since the Packers beat the Cowboys head-to-head).

New York defeats Minnesota,

Arizona defeats Green Bay -- which knocks the Vikings down to the 4th seed (thanks to the Cardinals regular season win over the Vikings). And, again, the Packers are locked into the 5 seed, thanks to the tiebreaker over the Cowboys.

This doesn't seem all that far-fetched -- except for the part where the Giants looked like shit last week and don't have anything to play for this week, and the Vikings could still grab the 2 seed if Philly spits the bit against Dallas.

Pull it together, you Giant shitheads!


PaulNoonan said...

You spelled that wrong. It's "Joey Joe-Joe Jr. Aromashodu" or, alternatively, the stinky beatnik.

EMoney said...

Am I the only one that doesn't want to play Minnesota in the first round? I understand that everyone is blinded by their hate for Brett Favre, but you do realize that the Vikes kicked our a$$es twice already this year, right?

There are 2 teams that I don't want to see in the first round, New Orleans and Minnesota. Or maybe I'm just weird for NOT wanting to play the 2 best teams right away.

You guys are nuts! Get over the Brett Favre thing.

Rubie Q said...

Paul, well played.

$, Minnesota is NOT one of the two best teams in the NFC right now. Philly is playing much better, and Arizona is, too -- and just recently kicked the shit out of the Vikings.

The Vikings are staggering to the line, much like the 12-4 Packers did in 2002. Remember that year? Started 8-1, then finished 4-3 -- including a 42-17 pasting by the Jets in the regular season finale, when we could have clinched a first-round bye with a win. Had to play in the first round, got pantsed by the Falcons at home.

EMoney said...

Philly is arguable - I would still contend that Minn is better because they are a good on all sides of the ball.

Arizona? I have to disagree here. Are you really going to say that Arizona is better because they won a head to head at home. Is Tampa really better than GB then? Hell no. I'm going to base my decision on the whole body of work rather than a game or couple of games. I personally want Arizona in the first round.

And regarding 2002....wasn't that a Mike Sherman coached team? Yeah, can you say soft and unprepared?

PaulNoonan said...

Agreed. Minnesota isn't just a hated rival, they're also not that good right now. And they didn't "kick our asses". Both games were close. Considering that the Vikes will be without EJ Henderson, that the Williams Wall is a bit dinged up, and that Bryant McKinnie has been playing like garbage, I'm fine facing them.

Add in the fact that the offensive line for the Pack looks much improved, and I'm all for taking them on early. (By the way, keep in mind that when the Packers lost to the Vikes the 2nd time, they were without Jermichael Finley, who absolutely torched the Vikes in the first meeting with 6 catches for 128 yards and a TD.)

Finally, the Packers create an excellent melt-down scenario forthe Vikes. This is mostly speculation, but Favre basically wants to run a 3-WR spread-style offense and Childress wants a more power-run, Peterson style offense. The way to beat the Pack is Favre's way, isolating Berrian or Harvin on Bush or Bell and picking on them repeatedly.

I can already picture the shouting matches when Peterson gets stuffed a few times.

PaulNoonan said...

Agreed with Rubie, not e-money. Man, that comment took a long time.

Rubie Q said...

We're going to have to agree to disagree here, E. I don't think the Vikings are very good on either side of the ball right now. Their offensive line is in disarray, Peterson hasn't run for 100 yards in six games (and can't hang on to the football), and their secondary just got torched by the Bears' horseshit offense. They're a hot mess.