Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's A Loss.

Don't much give a shit about what we did in the first 38 minutes, and I really don't want to hear Buzz's pat bullshit about how we have no margin for error and no height and no depth. (Earth to Buzz: we have no height and no depth because you haven't developed Fulce or Williams. STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT AND TURN THEM INTO SERVICEABLE PLAYERS.)

Anyway, it was your standard snatching defeat from the jaws of victory dog-dicking for Buzz & Sons. I don't know a lot about basketball, but I have learned that it's easier to dribble and shoot when you don't have both hands around your neck. Maybe something to work on for Saturday.


EDIT: From Rosiak's recap post:

"Did we look like the 12th-place team out there tonight?"

That was the rhetorical question lobbed in my direction as coach Buzz Williams made his way out to do his post-game radio show ...

Well, yeah, we did look like a 12th place team: we lost. You might want to, you know, WIN A FUCKING GAME before you start asking people to eat crow, Buzz.


EMoney said...

As pissed as I am about the loss, I'm not going to start throwing darts at Buzz or any of the players after last night. We played the #6 team in the country in their building down to the final second when all 5 of their starters are taller than our starting center and/or power forward. Buzz put together a great game plan, which aside from a few missed ft's (which he can't control) worked beautifully.

Nobody here expected this game to be anywhere near close, so rather than slit my wrists over the first game of the conference season against arguably the favorite to win the league and in their building, I'm going to walk away knowing that we have a good shot at beating anybody on any given night.

Also, gotta love Huggy's comment to Buzz right after the game, "You guys played your (expletive) off". Loved the effort, hated the outcome.

Rubie Q said...

$, you of all people should be ready to throw darts at Buzz. EWill didn't play a single fucking minute in the game yesterday, and yet Buzz continues with his oh-woe-is-me, our-bench-is-too-thin crap.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

who do you want to take out of the game if you put ewill in? You need to play your 5 best if you want to win and i'm sorry to say freshman EWill obviously isn't one of them right now and that's not Buzz's fault...hes a fucking freshman. the mbao experiment is completely worthless as he does't know what he's doing out there in the 1-2-2. our strategy was to go little, make their big guys guard our guards and then take them one on one to the rack for a dump of pass to a slasher or wide open guy for a 3 and it worked to perfection. it ain't buzz's fault we missed the front end of a one and one twice in the last minute or either of the 2 prayers they hit at the end of each half. its so fucking convenient to always blame the coach but at the end of the day we had a perfect strategy to win last night and we didn't execute some free throws...that's why we lost the game.

Rubie Q said...

Really? A team that's desperate for height has a 6'9" guy sitting on the bench, and Buzz can't coach him up enough to get him in the game for five minutes?

And, re: Mbao. Who decided to waste a schollie on him, again? Or do you want to blame someone else for that, too?

Master Reid said...

I'm gonna have to lean towards Rubie here. Though I'm not going all the way over. The first thing I said after the game (or at least the first coherent sentence that wasn't just a stream of profanity was "Fuck moral victories." So, I'm going to agree that I don't want to hear the excuses, and the "we played hard" bullshit. We lost a game we should have won, plain and simple. We appeared to be the better coached team for 38 fucking minutes and shit the bed.

Two big plays that we didn't make that could have been the difference (aside from throws):

1) Buycks tries to dribble out that defensive board and start the break with 41 seconds left. If he just grabs the fucker and secures it, we have the ball up 5 with 40 seconds left. That gives you a much larger margin for error with your free throws.

2) DJO goes back up with that offensive board with 1 minute left, rather than pulling it back out and bleeding another 25-30 seconds off the clock. Of course, he then proceeds to miss 1 of 2. Even if they don't get a bucket in that trip you still either have a 4 point lead with less than 40 seconds to go, or you make them foul, putting us that much closer to super bonus.

It's not the end of the world, I know. And hopefully it's a sign of good things to come. But fuck man, that's one we should've had.

EMoney said...

Rub - as much as I want EWill to play, Buzz made the right call in not playing him last night. EWill isn't near ready to play against the caliber players that WV has, which is precisely why I was begging for him to get more minutes against the softies in our non-conference schedule. Fulce couldn't even stay out there because he was getting torched on the blocks, so I can't imagine that EWill would've done any better. And what if he did play? Do you think he would have put us over the top last night? Unlikely. STG is right, the players that played gave us the best chance to win.

I hate that we don't have any depth, but it is what it is. This is the year we really feel the pain of Crean's departure. Couple that with unfortunate injuries to McMorrow, Otule, and Cadougan and the transfers of Roseboro and Maymon pretty much leaves Buzz with few options at this point. I don't think John Wooden could do much better than Buzz has at this point. Give him a break!

Rubie Q said...

Let's be clear what I'm talking about:

I am NOT saying that EWill would have made a lick of difference last night.

I'm focused on the fact that Buzz continues to complain that we have no depth and no height. My point is that this is a problem of his own creation: he's the one who can't get EWill ready to play; he's the one who decided to recruit Roseboro and Mbao; and he's the one who decided to take a flyer on Maymon and his nutbag dad. He made this mess, so I don't want to hear excuses about how we're too short and too thin.

That's all I'm saying.

Master Reid said...

On the bright side: You gotta give it up for Lazar's performance last night. Against a team that I thought was really going to give him trouble, he manned up, turned in a really nice game, and really looked like a senior leader. Too bad he couldn't have swatted Butler's last minute dagger, that would have been a nice capper to the evening. It's also too bad we couldn't get Lazar even a sniff of the ball on the last gasp play. Instead we just heaved it down to 5 white jerseys. Dammit.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

I'm not saying anything about moral victories because I agree that moral victories are still losses on the books. I agree with Reid's 2 comments (hindsight being 20/20 and all) but i still think we executed the last 2 minutes fine with the exeption of free throws. and i agree with $ that buzz is doing the best with what's he's got left. I just really would love not to have to be the scrappy undersized/undermanned Marquette team that comes up short again...which I'm beginning to think might the theme for this year's team.

ps-the christian laettner baseball play never works...we'd have a better chance making a half court shot (see the end of the first half last night) which might draw a foul.

pps-at the end of the game in a situation where they need to foul the ball has to be with one of 2 people...Mo Acker and Lazar. no one else touches it. Lazar also needs to realize that he can't just stand there and expect them to foul him right away. they don't want to foul you so they force you to pass it to Jimmy, who can't seem to make a free throw in the clutch and almost got called for an offensive foul or for being out of bounds. get the ball to mo or zar, clear out the half court and let them bring the ball up the court and force them to foul with a back-up being a time out if they get trapped. its time for the seniors to step up in that situation.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

one last point about moral victories and I know this is going to piss off some people...er one person but it almost seems like we would have been better off getting our asses kicked as expected. having a lead with a minute to go on the road against the #6 team in the nation in a game that we were 12 pt dogs only to lose because we missed some free throws and they hit a half court shot in the first half and a fade away 3 at the buzzer to win. i'm damn proud of all the players and the coaches for even being in that situation as it could have been much worse...kind of like one of those if you told me at the beginning of the game type games.

Rubie Q said...

I'm not saying anything about moral victories because I agree that moral victories are still losses on the books.

i'm damn proud of all the players and the coaches for even being in that situation as it could have been much worse...


EMoney said...

Rub - EWill isn't 6'9", he's 6'7".

Rub again - regarding his recruiting big men, you need to realize that...

a) he was handed the keys in April, which gave him 5 months to work on the class of '09. Sure he was already working on guys as an assistant but 90% of the recruits took MU off the list after Crean's departure meaning he pretty much had to start from scratch. Not to mention, 2 of the 3 of the class of '08 bailed on him (Nick Williams, Tyshawn Taylor).

b) until September of last year, we still had Mbakwe who was a solid PF and could easily play C. He bails on the team weeks before the kickoff of the season

c) we were counting on Liam McMorrow to be our true center, and all signs pointed to him being able to handle it. He gets injured early in the season, recovers, then finds out he as a career ending "issue" that completely eliminates him. So that eliminates a second legitimate big

d) Due to the 2 above, Roseboro wasn't brought in to be the go to guy, rather a backup to McMorrow and Mbakwe. Roseboro came on late and had a bunch of late lookers such as Villanova and Pitt, so Buzz' asst. convinced Buzz to roll the dice on him which wasn't bad at the time.

e) Chris Otule gets hurt early in his freshman season and loses roughly 6 weeks of practice and nonconference play. By the time he is ready to play, he is by no means ready to compete in the Big East

g) Oh by the way, Otule breaks his foot before the season this year and is OFY!

f) Due to b and c, Buzz again gets screwed and has to go to the juco ranks to find a big. He lands Monterale Clark who is a legitimate big man and is ranked in the top100 in the class of '10. Cue whatever it is that happened at that party.

g)we have said this 1000 times, but apparently I need to reiterate. Quality big men don't grow on trees! Those that are good go to the same schools every year (ie.UNC, G'town, Florida, Texas, Memphis, Kentucky, etc.). And those that are good are usually 1 or 2 and done.

Sure there are other "bigs" out there that aren't top notch recruits, but due to all of the unfortunate injuries and transfers, Buzz has been given little time to work with each year.

Rubie Q said...

Fine, I give up. You're right, Buzz is the modern-day Job. He's been afflicted with problems he did nothing to cause.

EMoney said...

All I'm saying is, give him more than 1.5 years before you crucify him.

Similar to Buzz, I suggest giving Mbao more than 2 months before you call him a failure. Barro didn't exactly step in and pick things up right away either, yet by his junior/senior seasons he was a solid "big".....at least better than anything we have now. Further, I recall Hasheem Thabeet's freshman year. For as highly touted as he was, he looked almost as lost as Mbao does and was owned by Barro and Burke. 3 years later he's a lottery pick. I'm not sayin that's where Mbao is heading, but big men don't step right in like guards do.

Rubie Q said...

Barro was playing 10 minutes per game his freshman year. Mbao played three last night, and, if we learned anything last year, that number ain't going to go up as conference play continues. Buzz will find his seven guys and Mbao and EWill won't see any time.

EMoney said...

Did you check the stats on Barro playing 10 or was that a guess? I'm surprised if that's the case.

The reason Mbao didn't play more than 3 min's is because he pretty much was worthless out there. Per Reid's text last night, and I have to agree...."55 = useless"

The only thing that I might question about Mbao, is he really most effective playing zone at the top of the 1-2-2? I understand his length is supposed to cut off the angles, but it clearly doesn't work. He's too slow to react and is constantly dropping down in the paint. I'm no hoops genius, but wouldn't he be more effective in the paint somewhere? It's obvious that his instincts push him down low, but Buzz wants to keep him near the top. I just don't know how to utilize him at this point.

Rubie Q said...

Nope, not a guess:


10.0 as a frosh, 13.5 as a sophomore, 27.0 as a junior, 19.8 as a senior.

EMoney said...

Thinking about Barro's frosh year, weren't we pretty bad? Our last year in CUSA and I think we made the NIT but lost to someone crappy.....at HOME yet! So it's understandable that he got a lot of pt. Wasn't Marcus Jackson running the point (along with JoeC)? Look how far we've come in a few years.....bitchin' about losing by 1 to the #6 team in the nation. Sheeesh!

Anywho, I'm going to reserve judgement on this team until I see a few more games. I think this Sat's game against Nova will be telling. Was last night's performance a fluke or can we play like that night in and night out?