Monday, December 14, 2009

The Life of KL Snow - A Brian Butch Photo Essay

KL Snow eating a Mega Sour Warhead******
******It's no Bold Party Chex Mix, but it will do

Angry KL Snow - last seen when Scott Tolzien/Chris Klein was picked off by Northwestern. Also exhibited when Bret Bielema turned down his autograph request for the 8th time.

KL's first colonoscopy.

Hip-hop KL.

KL after gruesomely dislocating his elbow during UW's first game as the #1 team in the nation since the Hoover administration. Oh wait, that was actually Brian Butch.
KL after Dick Bennett abandoned his team in mid-season.

KL's fist pump after completing last night's post. Also show after the Sun Bowl & Champs Sports Bowl invites were announced.

KL after Bo Ryan continued to run the swing when down 20+ points to Davidson (!) in the tournament.

KL's jealousy after realizing Davidson had a lamer looking honkey on their team.

KL's masturbatory fodder.


EMoney said...

This might be a lot of work, but I'm curious about the history of recent McDonald All-Americans regarding how well they performed at the college and/or NBA level. I mean, how many have red shirted their first year? How many were busts?

Devil's Threesome said...

Research from my head. Butch has to be the only one who redshirted, but many have been busts. I'd guess he fits about in the middle of McD's All Americans in production.