Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Notes From the BC Last Night

Given the relative dearth of decent college basketball on TV this week, D3 and I took the opportunity to head over to the Bradley Center and watch the Bucks take on the defending NBA champs last night. What ensued was a pretty damn entertaining basketball game. Too bad Kobe Bryant had to go and do what he do, and hit a 16 foot turnaround jumper at the buzzer and sent the majority of the (allegedly) 16,000 fans home bummin'. Here is my take on some of what we saw:

-Being that the vast majority of my basketball viewing is of the collegiate variety, I sometimes forget how damn good the pros are. There were so many times that we saw a shot go up and and said "what the hell!" And when it went in we remembered that we we're dealing with professionals here, and the definition of "good shot" is a little more loosely defined on this level.

-A large percentage of our "what the hell" and "NO DON'T SHOOT THAT" comments were directed at Ersan Ilyasova. That crazy Turk loves his jumper, and he was not bashful about letting them fly. We were fairly sure that he needed to STOP SHOOTING!!! But he clearly didn't give a shit what we thought and kept right on shootin'. And to his credit he hit all 4 of his shots, some big shots, in the 4th quarter and overtime, en route to a career high 24 points.

-The only thing Ilyasova didn't hit in the game's final periods were his damn free throws. He missed two with under a minute to play in OT that would have put the Bucks up 108-102, and probably would've been enough to seal the deal. He wasn't alone in crucial FT missing, Bogut missed one that would have put the Bucks up 1 with 20 seconds to go in regulation.

-Making Ersan's FT misses even more critical was the fact that Kobe got the ball right after, went to the other end and did his superstar thing. Which, in the NBA, is code for got a foul call that no one in the building saw except the guys with the whistles. On a call that SBTG described in a text as "horseshit!!!", Kobe spun in the lane and barreled into Bogut while flipping up a shot. It looked like one of two things could've been called, either it was a charge on Kobe or a travel. Instead, the superstar (who had been quite irritated at a few no-calls on previous trips) got the call, count the bucket, and one. Fucking NBA man.

-Someone woke up Michael Redd for this one. He played 36 minutes off the bench and had a team high 25 points. But in typical Michael Redd fashion, he felt the need to go 1 on 5 when the Bucks really needed a bucket: including right after Kobe's 3-point play in OT. He pulled up from 3 and predictably missed, giving Kobe the ball with 5 seconds left, and a 1 point deficit. At which point, D3 said "Well, ready for the Kobe dagger?" I was. During the game's final minute it was Kobe Bryant - 7 Milwaukee Bucks - 0. There was no doubt he was hitting that shot.

-In other Redd news, all the recent leg injuries must've given him a lot of time to sculpt his guns. That dude's arms are looking buff. And it was funny that he seemed to be attempting to show them off in every big screen promo he was in. Weird.

-This marked my first opportunity to see Young Money, Brandon Jennnings in person and he wasn't really at his best. He had a quiet 11 point, 7 assist night. He only shot 4-11 and seemed to be a little to eager to shoot 3s for mine or Scott Skiles' taste. He was replaced by Ridnour, who had the hotter hand, for most of the 4th quarter and OT. Meh, rookies, it happens.

-There are still some things about the NBA game that just kind of irk me. I don't know if it's this way in all NBA cities, but I suspect it is. The pumped up music during play is one of the big ones for me. I don't get nearly as annoyed by all the little songs and clappers that are played during the game as D3 does, but playing blaring music while the home team has the ball in critical situations is where I draw the line. Twice the Bucks called timeouts late in the game to draw up plays in big situations. The sound man busts out Crazy Train, or something of the sort, to get the crowd fired up. Pretty standard really. But they don't cut it, or even turn it down, once play begins, so the home team is forced to run this play that they just used a TO to draw up, with Ozzy cranked to 11 in their ears. I hope that play runs exactly how they drew it up, because there is no possibility for verbal communication in the event it doesn't.

-I still like the Bucks. I know the majority of the patrons of the blog, and residents of this city for that matter, pretty much don't give two shits about the Bucks, but I still do. It's a fun time when they're decent. Seeing a semi-packed house, and a crowd that was pretty fired up last night, I remembered what it was like when they were actually good. I really hope they can find some success here in the next few years, because it would definitely suck to not have them around.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

f'in bucks! perhaps the worst part about the kobe foul was the neither of the 2 refs at the top of the key made a call but they both blew their whistles. The ref by the benches looked like he was ready to call a travel, and even with the new NBA travel rules its still a travel, and the ed "I'm a ref so I need to be part of the show ref" hightower ref (same guy who called the bull shit offensive foul on ridnour for trying to get that pain in the ass derek fisher off of him) not only calls the foul but counts the basket. at best its a no call with the bucket counting, not even close to a and 1 though.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

and another reason to hate the nba or atleast the bucks. 5 seconds left, lakers down 1...I wonder who is going to get the ball. so let's let him get it a half court dribble around to the same spot and hit a shot over the smaller charlie bell for the game winner as time expires. I can't blame bell because he played pretty good defense on kobe on that play forcing him to take a fadeaway jumper, but the other 4 bucks were just standing there watching along with the other 4 lakers. why not run someone else at kobe. i'd rather almost want to give ron artest a wide open look from the corner with time expiring that let kobe do what kobe do. michael redd was the closest buck to kobe and surprisingly he just stood there with his arm pointing to artest who was standing there in the corner with his thumb up his ass.

ok that's all on the bucks for today.

ps-Gasol is really good.

EMoney said...

First on the NBA - I too had the "wow I forgot how good these guys really are" when watching the Mavs/Thunder on espn last night. It is pretty ridiculous how much better the Pros (and Jeronne Maymon) are than 99.9% of the college players. In spite of this, it's still hard to watch the NBA due to their, as SBTG above has made clear, the refs are ATROCIOUS! Not to mention they're game fixers!

Enough about the NBA. Not to beat a dead horse, but the truth about Maymon finally came out last night. I don't have a link to the article, but essentially Maymon came out and said, (and I'm paraphrasing here) I'm not a big part of the offense. To paraphrase again, Jeronne says "Gimme the damn ball". I could go on for hours about this, but to sum it up it's a pretty asinine comment and thought considering he has played a total of 9 games of D1 basketball. I'm sorry I have to say this Reid, but Jeronne, f*cking GROW UP! YOU ARE NOT THAT GOOD! Ok, enough with that. I'm sure we'll find out more with Buzz's and TIM MAYMON's press conferences later today. I can't wait to here what the crazy old man has to say this time. Oh and I predict he's going to Tennessee.

FPMKE said...

I caught the Lakers in Chicago the other day... did Artest touch the ball at all in Milwaukee?

In Chicago, he started and didn't appear to be part of the game plan at all. He kind of stumbled around aimlessly and scored his first basket in the 3rd period.

PaulNoonan said...

The 2001 playoffs broke me, and every so often I watch a game like this to get rebroken. Fucking fixed piece of shit league.

I like the Bucks. They're the Sisyphus of professional sports franchises.

Devil's Threesome said...

A couple thoughts from my end.
- the BC doesn't play any music created in the last 10-15 years
- always an interesting crowd at the Bucks game
- I don't care what you think, but guys jumping off trampolines and dunking is kind of annoying/lame
- Phil Jackson was asleep for most of the game and that dude has gotten fat!
- We were in Row U of the upper deck and could hear Bogut get fouled in the 2nd half, yet, no call
- We could also hear Skiles screaming when he called an early 2nd half TO
- Lots of bandwagon Lakers fans, which begs the question - which team's bandwagon fans are the most annoying? I would have to say Cubs or Red Sox
- I admit, I was entertained, except for that stretch of the 2nd half where I was looking up future Husker football schedules on my phone

Master Reid said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention Gasol. He's damn good. The Bucks had no answer for him last night. Put Bogut on him, he drains jumpers. Put Ilyasova on him, he backs him under the hoop and scores.

As for Maymon, we may have to remove the moratorium on discussions about him in light of the explanations that have come out, and the pending Tim Maymon press conference.

Rubie Q said...

If somebody can find a link to an Internet feed carrying TimMay's presser, I'll bust out the court reporter/stream of consciousness reaction thing we did when they introduced Crean at II,II.

EMoney said...

Check out this "Video of the Day 1" clip. Scroll down, it's towards the bottom of the page. It's at the Raynor library.....and pretty hilarious. Courtesy of our good friend from Dallas Texas. Ahhh the good ol days.


EMoney said...

Solid "neutral" article about JM. I really don't think we're going to look like the bad guys in this situation.

You are a Baffoon said...

Suck it Trebek!!!