Sunday, December 13, 2009

So, does this make it Badger Appreciation Week?

Well, Badger Hate Week was kind of a dud, finished off with a well-earned victory Saturday afternoon in Madison.

I've heard a lot of trash talking this week about the Badgers. I've heard them called Commie Rodents, and I've heard Bo Ryan, easily the state's most successful basketball coach, called a "fetus-faced douchelicker."* Today, he's the fetus-faced douchelicker who coached those Commie Rodents to a victory over the Gold**.

* - That comment is actually several weeks old. As I mentioned, Badger Hate Week was kind of a dud.
** - You can't just throw away a new name after one season. If you're short-sighted enough to rename your team "The Gold," then you are now and forever "The Gold."

But, there's no need to act like someone just urinated in your Bold Party Chex Mix***. Instead, I'll give you an opportunity to atone for all the Badger hatred you didn't spew forth this week. I'm declaring it Badger Appreciation Week - an opportunity for all of us to share our favorite things about the scrappy, well-coached team from Madison that never seems to pick up the five-star recruits but still somehow continually manages to outperform those gentlemen from Marquette.

*** - Might be the secret ingredient. You never know.

As always, enjoy responsibly.****

**** - I know you won't, but encouraging you in that direction gives me the moral high ground and the right to shake my head when you don't.


Rubie Q said...

You have no idea what you've just unleashed.

KL Snow said...

You're that touchy about Bold Party Chex Mix?

FPMKE said...

I appreciate that they don't waste their time recruiting good talent but, rather, choose to get as many big white floppers from Minnesota as possible. Did anyone see the charging call on Mo Acker? The guy flailed on the ground like LeBron had just bounced off of him.

EMoney said...

Yeah, I looked back and found that that was the first charge called against Mo Acker since a January 18th, 2005 game vs the Akron Zips. Give credit where credit is due FPKME....Bo Ryan can really teach his kids how to flop against someone half their size. Way to man up!

I'd also like to question your definition of "continually outperform". I know that Badger fans have a huge problem with selective memory.....(don't know if it's something in the water or what....although since it is communist madison, I wouldn't be surprised if the government IS putting something in the water to brainwash the peasants)....but considering that Marquette has beat Madison in the previous 2 matchups, it's hard to state "continually outperform".

Anyways, I have no problem conceding to the better team this year. Afterall, considering the situation that Buzz was handed, MU is in full force rebuilding mode this season and I am surprised it was a 3 point game with 2 to play on saturday. That being said, enjoy your victory this season Badger fans because unless Buzz really manages to f*ck up coaching these CONSECUTIVE top 15 ranked recruiting classes, I can't imagine the Badgers having much success against MU in the coming years.