Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanks for a fun week, guys

Hey, everyone.

I know I'm a little late on this, but I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for dramatically exceeding my expectations with Badger Appreciation Week after our friends in red vanquished the Gold last weekend. I will admit, I had my tongue firmly planted in-cheek when I called for the celebration, but you guys summoned the best attention span you could muster and kept it going for almost two full days.

First, you guys appreciated Bo Ryan. Thanks so much for sharing all of your half assed warm thoughts about one of college basketball's elite coaches. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to add my favorite things about Bo Ryan, so I'll chip them in now:

  • A 201-75 record at Wisconsin.
  • Four conference championships in eight seasons.
  • 5-4 against Marquette, including three wins where the Gold entered the game ranked.
  • Didn't give a scholarship to Jeronne Maymon.
Then, you re-enacted my life, as experienced by Brian Butch. I've really got to thank you for this one: Brian Butch is better looking and in better shape than I've been in years. If I was that attractive, tall, and had beaten Marquette twice in three years as a regular, then D3 wouldn't be the only guy around here with a name implying he's slept with more than one lady.

Finally, Rubie posted a photo essay demonstrating the emotions of Bo Ryan. This didn't do much for me, but it did cause Buzz Williams to build some extra barricades around his glass* house**.

* - Buzz is seen here during a rousing sideline karaoke rendition of "Stop, in the Name of Love."
** - And here, he's teaching the finer points of fake mustache wearing.

Sadly, you guys wandered off at this point to discuss the newest former Gold, and never returned to the topic. With that said, I wanted to make sure I stopped by to say thank you for several minutes of league-average-or-so entertainment value.

Now that I'm done, feel free to resume your Maymon-based wild speculation and whining.


EMoney said...

1. Did you really say that Brian Butch is attractive? The polar bear? That's some funny shit there.

2. "Brian Butch is in better shape than I've been in years" - He played 5 years, count 'em 5 years of Big Ten basketball. The simple fact that your "shape" is comparable says it all about the Polar Bear.

KL - you crack my shit up! I can't figure out if you're simply horrible at talkin' trash, or actually a Marquette fan posing as a "badger" fan. Either way it's hilarious!

KL Snow said...

Glad you're amused. As for my allegiance - I'm a Badger fan, but I don't actually hate the Gold, so I'm going with "playful" as opposed to "mean-spirited."

If I wanted to be mean, for example, I'd ask about a rumor I've heard: Marquette doesn't have a football team because your young gentlemen prefer tampons to pads.

But, of course, I'm not mean, so I didn't use that.

Rubie Q said...

I can't take responsibility for the Many Faces of Bo collage. That was all SBTG.

Also, KL: you might want to google "devil's threesome." Its not as awesome as it sounds ...

Rubie Q said...

I furgot to sey: too days is the longer amont of time we can focis on sumthing. We went to Market Comunty Collig, you member?

Wait, wut were we talkin abot? Ooh, luk, a shiny thing! Shineeeee.

Devil's Threesome said...

In perfect KL fashion, I will wait 1-2 weeks for a formal response. In the meantime, I will keep vigil for Witrado's next post.

KL Snow said...

D3: On my list of priorities, the blog people actually read comes above the one they don't.

Happy holidays. :-)

You are a Baffoon said...

Snowy, don't even mention UW football vs Marquette. This might be the most repetitive and annoying joke/burn/take that UW fans always seem to reach into their we're better than Marquette bag of tricks for. That program hasn't won jack since that Ego-Monster Bielama f-ed up recruiting after the departure of Mob Boss Alvarez. Great they went 9-3 with a pathetically soft non-conference schedule and then conviently lost to teams with stronger recruits and coaching...OU, Iowa, and Northwestern. Wait, WTF?!?!?!?! NOrthwestern. Stronger recruits? Stronger coaching? I have been stewing since November with this jack-assery of a loss. Its typical Bielama and typical that the media doesn't get after this guy more for losses that continually keep a program that should be winning these types of games a free pass. So Snow White, be careful when you start flinging the football joke/burn/take around because as much as its great to have the only D-1 football program in the state, its not as if they're winning anything or going anywhere other than some stupid Fruit of the Loom bowls in December.

Devil's Threesome said...

We might get 100 hits today, I thought that was a lot...

Good to see that the Hot Stove is keeping you warm up in your Little House in the Big Woods.

First Laura Ingalls Wilder reference in Quevedo history!! Cue the cancer and blind girl jokes.

Rubie Q said...

You know what they say: 1/100 the readership, 1/100 the effort. I'd say we're mailing it in on the Buffet, but it'd take too much energy to lick the stamp.

FPMKE said...

If there is anyting to be said about effort, I'm still slowly compiling the photo-essay that I promised for Badger Hate Week... hope to have it up by NYE.