Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger-gate Update

A quick update to my speculation last week about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife...

  • -The number of alleged mistresses has now reached double-digits and is rapidly approaching a Barney Stinson-esque triple digits. That's a lot of poon.

  • -A witness reported that Woods may have been under the influence. Reports indicate that it also could have been a cocktail of Ambien and Vicodin (not good to do the Vic and drive). Also, a subpoena request for Woods' blood sample was denied for lack of evidence.

-Another report indicates that Elin may have moved out of the house.

-At 2:30am this morning a blonde female was rushed to the emergency room. Another blonde female followed the ambulance in a black Escalade.

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You are a Baffoon said...

So when did the Buffett turn into a poor man's TMZ? So where's the dislike button I can press?