Monday, December 21, 2009


The Packers lost yesterday! That means we can talk about them, right? I mean no one seemed very interested when they were winning 5 straight games, but they lost yesterday which means they suck! So let's get talking 'bout those Packers! You know who I blame for this game? Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre would've never let us lose that game. You know who else is clearly to blame here, Ted Thompson. If Thompson wasn't such a retard, he would have drafted players that were smart enough to not score touchdowns so quickly at the end of a game. Man this team is horrible, and this game shows it. This is the beginning of the long hoped for death spiral that will finally allow us to be rid of these jokeshops forever. Then we can bring in Mike Holmgren and Bill Cowher to build a real team in Green Bay!

Back on Earth, here's what I really think about yesterday's Packer game:

-The secondary got torched, obviously. But you have to admit that Roethlisberger is a tough guy for the Packers to match-up with. You can pressure him, but he'll elude you. You can get hands on him, but he's a bitch to bring down. It seemed like he made the biggest plays of the game right after almost being sacked. Guys were having to cover for 8 seconds, and when those guys include the likes of Jarret Bush and Josh Bell (who?) that's a bad thing.

-I'm inclined to give that Bell dude a break on that last TD. The coverage wasn't terrible, and the throw and catch were perfect. That's a damn near indefensible play.

-Mason Crosby: Fuck you. I don't think anymore needs be said.

-The go-ahead TD. It's debatable whether or not Jones should have taken that ball in for the score. SBTG texted me right after that and said "too much time left". While I agreed, I think that it would've been dumb to turn down a go-ahead touchdown with 2 minutes to play. Especially considering A) The Packers have not been good in short yardage, goal-to-go situations this year, and B) I don't think anyone (Mason Crosby included) wanted that game to come down to a field goal attempt, even a 24 yarder.

-Penalties, holy shit. I don't know if this was a by-product of the Packers reputation for being a team that clutches and grabs in the secondary, the officials' heightened awareness of possible PI/defensive holding calls, the officials' incompetence, some NBA-esque league conspiracy to get the Steelers back on their feet, or just shitty secondary play (I suspect a wicked combination of all of the above), but the amount of penalties in the Packers' secondary was fucking nauseating. It's easy to move the ball against the Packers, just throw it near a covered receiver and you'll probably get a call.

-It's not that big a deal. It's a loss to a desperate defending champion, in their building. I am not going to get my undies in a bundle after this one. Does it suck, yes. But a win next week against Seattle, at home, and the Packers are a 10 win team just like we all predicted at the outset of the season. It just may not have been the exact route we anticipated. If the Packers don't shit the bed next week, it will probably take a minor miracle for them to not make the playoffs. Personally, I'm OK with that.


Rubie Q said...

Agree: FUCK MASON CROSBY. Enjoy working at Subway, you fuckwit.

Disagree: FUCK JOSH BELL, TOO. That dumb shit was supposed to play underneath his man on the final play, since (1) we had three safeties deep and (2) the only way that throw gets in there is if slapnuts is playing behind his man. Die in a fire, Josh Bell.

And, finally: Aaron Rodgers is a fucking beast. I know it's insane to say, but I wouldn't trade him for any other QB in the league. Not Manning, not Brees, not Brady. He's my guy.

You are a Baffoon said...

Reid quality writing indeed. Your points are right on. It's amazing that Ted Thompson is not in conversations for GM of the year. With two rookie starters on defense Jones and Matthews as well as Raji at times, this may be his best draft ever. The impact alone of Matthews who I feel is D-ROY candidate cannot be underestimated, that guy is a beast who can change the game (i.e. 10 sacks, ff's, and 1 td). O and not to keep talking about Matthews (man crush), but why aren't we talking about how badly the refs botched his sack/fumble recovery. That may go down as one of the worst calls of the year. NO F-ING way was that a forward pass. Garbage. I predict a serious beatdown of Seattle this weekend. The Pack's offense is rolling and as long as there isn't a blizzard I just can't see Seattle slowing the offense down very much.