Monday, December 21, 2009

Your Patience Has Been Rewarded.

I wrote this back in August, re: the Chill serving as the Hoke Colburn to Brett's Miss Daisy:
Having served as the Favres' personal chauffeur, how in the name of Jehovah is the bald, bespectacled one going to tell Favre which play to run, or which receiver to throw to, or to stop improvising and hand the goddamned ball to Adrian Peterson and getthefuckouttatheway?
At long last, we're seeing the fruits of those seeds. Last night, the cameras caught a heated exchange between Lord Favre and the Chill during the Vikes stinkbomb vs. the Panthers. The topic? Brett says Chill asked him to come out of the game in the third quarter. I'll go out on a limb and paraphrase the rest of the conversation:

CHILL: But, master, we're down by ...

FAVRE: Brett Favre said 'no.'

CHILL: But ...


CHILL: As you wish.
This is AWESOME. It took much, much longer than I expected, and I had to endure two Packers losses to get here, but I fucking knew that dipshit couldn't and wouldn't put the team ahead of his own selfish needs for the whole year.

Sweet Baby Jesus in Heaven, please give us the 'Queens one more time. Please please please.


This is from's story on the sideline dustup:
It was not the first time that Childress wanted to pull Favre from a game, but found the veteran quarterback not willing to step aside.

Sources tell ESPN that on Oct. 5, during a Monday night game against the Green Bay Packers that drew national attention for Favre's first game against his former team, Childress tried to pull Favre when he was unhappy about a decision the quarterback had made.

The Vikings had a 30-20 lead and were running their four-minute offense. The Packers were out of timeouts, and the Vikings called a run play on 3rd and 10 with 3:27 left. Favre changed the play at the line of scrimmage and took a shot downfield that fell incomplete, stopping the clock.

Childress was furious and told offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell that he was taking Favre out of the game, sources told ESPN. Bevell talked Childress out of it, but news got back to Favre that Childress was going to pull him.

That week, sources said, Favre went into Childress' office and confronted him and Childress backtracked, saying that it was the emotion of the game and the coach didn't want to get too far away from what they were doing offensively.

It's all happening! It's all happening!


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Master Reid said...

I think this says more about Chilly than it does about Favre. We already knew what no. 4 brought to the table. He wants to do things his way, without a pesky coach interfering. Exhibit A: The entire Mike Sherman era.

But this makes Chilly look even worse than he already did, in my opinion anyways. He wanted to bench Favre for changing a play and taking an ill-advised, fuck you shot at the Packers? I don't care who it is, no coach is benching a hall of fame caliber QB for one arrogant, bonehead play. That doesn't even include the amount of attention being paid to that game, and the media feeding frenzy that would've ensued if he had actually gone through with it. The fact that he actually entertained the idea may indicate that Chilly Willy may be even dumber than originally believed. How long is that contract extension he signed?

Master Reid said...

An interesting article on the topic:

If you haven't already seen it, it's worth a read.