Friday, January 29, 2010

And They Say Marquette Is A School For Dumb Kids?

Via our BADger-backer comrade* KL comes this post from Brian Butch's Polar Blog; apparently, Overgrown Dewey is playing ball on the West Coast and struggling to figure out how the time zone shift alters the start times of his favorite television programs:
We've had a few arguments in my apartment over what time shows like "American Idol" and "Survivor" come on. My one roommate said that they have to come on at one time all across the US. I had to disagree because how would the people on the West Coast be able to watch these shows. If they work past five 5 o'clock and the show starts at 8 ET, there would be no way to watch it.
Most impressive, Brian. For your next trick, maybe you can figure out how to TiVO one show while watching another AT THE SAME TIME. I know, it's mind-blowing stuff.

* All Soviet-related references are intentional, by the way.


Mr. Sparkle said...

Since the Jam are the D-league for the Clippers, perhaps he could see if Steve Novak could offer some tutoring.

KL Snow said...

Rubie, we discussed this earlier. Yes, Butch and his roommates had some issues with their TV, and yes, it implies they're not exceptionally smart.

With that said, they were still smart enough to not go to Marquette.

Devil's Threesome said...

KL - I think Butch chose UW b/c MU didn't offer his major of choice - Agricultural Journalism. Come to think of it, UW seems to recruit the best basketball players who just so happen to share a passion and career path dream of being an agricultural journalist. You can reach the Agricultural Journalism school at for more information on this exciting major!

EMoney said...

What in the hell is Agricultural Journalism? Is that what Dwight Schrute majored in?