Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Saints Defense,

Please for the love of God shut this old fart up...

Flipping through sports talk radio yesterday morning (Sunday) on my way home from the office, the 620 WTMJ sports talk show was all ready fielding calls from Ted Thompson haters and this was BEFORE the Vikings game. It had me yelling at the radio. One idiot...Kyle from Greenfield who stated he was 29 and a true "Packers fan" actually said that because TT showed Favre the door it was a bad business decision and the Packers lost half of their fan base because everybody he knows is rooting for the Vikings and Brett Favre. I don't even know where to begin and the hosts of the show couldn't believe what they were hearing and I agreed with everything they said. Basically they said if you are a true Packers fan you can't cheer for the can root for Favre to do well but you can't cheer for the Vikings. Secondly, Ted Thompson has the franchise in a perfect spot for the future because he was able to replace a franchise QB with another franchise QB that is now signed through the 2013 season. Additionally, the team is the youngest team in the NFL again and is well under the salary cap which means if we sign some of our young guys who are coming up due for a new contract we could have the nucleus of this team together for several years to make some nice runs in the future so the Packers seem to be doing all right from a business standpoint. And they dismissed the idea that half of the fan base is no longer Packers fans and stated that if anything this is a prime example of how one person, even Brett Favre, isn't bigger than the team. Amen to that!

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EMoney said...

You guys are such haters.

Go Vikings