Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't Sleep On DePaul!

I know we've spent the better part of 3 days here at the Buffet berating and ridiculing the debacle that is the DePaul basketball program. Everything we've said is 100% accurate*. That being said, I hope the team hasn't been reading this week. I know that the boys are Buffet regulars and all, but I hope they haven't found the time to log on this week. While it is true that DePaul is currently an abject disaster, it is also true that this is the biggest game for their fan base this year. Just because what qualifies as the year's biggest game at DePaul looks more like a UWGB-UWM game at the Cellular Arena in a blizzard, doesn't mean the increase in juice isn't there. There will be more fans there, they will be fired up (ish), and the team will notice. This year's team isn't good enough to go down there and sleepwalk through the game the way last year's team did. If we half-ass it this year, and Will Walker or some other chump decides to blow up and score 30, we will get beat. Last year that's exactly what happened and we still won by 15. If you're expecting DePaul to lie down and accept their whooping, you are in for a rough evening.

The only way this nightmare scenario comes to pass is if Marquette goes all Trevon Hughes and takes them as a joke. If the treat them like any other Big East opponent that needs to be crushed with maximum effort, then the ride back to MKE tonight will be quite pleasant. Hell, I might even let D3 eat White Castle in my car.

*100% Accuracy guarantee is not backed by any corroborating evidence or research aside from the "sniff test".


Mr. Sparkle said...

Noted. With the amount of talent we had, last year's game got a little too tight for my comfort level. Will Walker lit Marquette up like D3s farts after a night in Motown and a moussaka for breakfast.

EMoney said...

Well said Reid. I completely agree. I worry about such things after blowing out Providence by 30 then going to play a Depaul team that hasn't won a conference game in almost 2 years. TCB baby....TCB.

Mr. Sparkle said...

Reid, congrats on the 1,000th Buffet post! I think Rubie owes you a slap on the ass or something.

PaulNoonan said...

Are you guys gonna be OK? Stay away from guns, bridges, sharp objects, and poison.

It'll be OK, I promise. Remain calm. Sure losing to DePaul is inexcusable, demoralizing, probably precludes participation in the NCAA tournament effectively ending your season, causes bulimia and jaundice, and might get you kicked out of the Jesuit order.

You still have your health, right?