Thursday, January 21, 2010

Junior Cadougan Revisited

After last night's debacle, I rescind my suggestion of playing Junior Cadougan this season. Losing to Depaul put the final nail in the coffin of MU's NCAA dreams. Just too many bad losses. That being said, regardless of how ready he is, I don't foresee him making enough of a difference to make this team go 9-3 or 8-4 from here on out.
Regarding Erik Williams however, I hope that this has the reverse effect. I don't see every game being as critical any more, so I would like to see Erik play a bigger role regardless of how lost he gets out there sometimes.
Next season is going to be rough without Lazar......I think worse than this season. So any additional experience that EWill can get this year should help out next season.
Did anybody else really expect Depaul not to make a shot at the end there? Somebody put a mad voodoo hex on our asses!

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