Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lazar Hayward, Underrated Leader

Back to my knocking on the DePaul basketball program, the Chicago Tribune had a nice piece on Lazar Hayward today.

The story about Lazar was what the Tribune print edition chose to lead with for their information about the DePaul game at the Allstate Arena tonight. A nice little box in the corner noted tipoff time, location, tv/radio, records, and this little snippet from Brian Hamilton, "The Blue Demons, losers of six straight, can't locate any consistent offense, dead last in the Big East at 59.9 ppg. Not promising against an Eagles squad allowing just 62.6 ppg, tied for fourth in the league, and outscoring opponents by 14.4 ppg."

Like Reid indicated, unless we're sleeping, there is no reason for us not blow out DePaul comfortably.

On a Lazar note, that was pretty shitty of his mom.

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