Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh By the Way

Lost in the shuffle of the GOD AWFUL performance of your Marquette Golden Eagles this week, was the breaking Brewers' news: They signed Doug Davis! Yay!!! No real surprise there. We all pretty much expected this. Just like we all now pretty much expect Doug to infuriate the populace with outings that are filled with walks, high pitch counts, and pretty much fraught with danger at every turn. Let's just hope that Doug's wriggling off the hook skills haven't deteriorated too much with age.

In an effort to bring us out of our Blue Demon induced blogging coma, I ask what do we think of this? I know Doug Davis isn't a whole lot to get excited about, especially for Brewer fans who already know what they're getting. Another team's fans might be looking at his numbers from the past few years and be more excited about getting a new free agent pitcher. But in Milwaukee, he's just Doug Davis. Be that what it may, Davis is still an upgrade to the Brewers' rotation. He's better than Braden Looper, and we're getting him for $1.75 million less than we paid Looper last year. I don't put too much faith in the whole "he's an innings guy" thing. I'm not sure that pitching crappily, but often is that big of an asset. But the Brewers' rotation last year was pretty damn pitiful, and I think Davis will help.
Also, props to Doug Melvin for getting his guy. Melvin and Co. said they were determined to find pitching help this offseason and they've done that. They've signed 2 of the top 5 or 6 starters on the market. Which doesn't say much for the market, but at least the effort is there. If the pitching could've even been mediocre last year the Brewers would have been legit contenders for the post season. I would have to say that they have made great strides toward achieving that mediocrity in 2010.


Mr. Sparkle said...

Loving the return of Captain Morgan tag.

I never had a problem with Doug Davis other than him making the innings take significantly longer with his slow pitching, high walks, etc. This creates a number of problems for me... I end up drinking more, which means I spend a lot more money on expensive stadium beers, and then have to pee more.

Rubie Q said...

I think it's a good move, especially combined with getting Wolf. We knew we weren't getting Lackey, and I wasn't all that interested in Jon Garland or Joel Piniero or Vincente Padilla.

I think the "innings eater" thing can be a boon, from this perspective: our bullpen was pretty good last year, but it was absolutely fried by the beginning of August because of all the four- and five-inning starts. Having a guy you can pencil in for six-plus innings will help a lot.

JM said...

If, at the end of last year, you were Doug Melvin and were offered the virtual trade of...

Hardy, Cameron, Kendall and McClung
Wolf, Davis, Gomez, Zaun and Hawkins

How quickly would you have accepted before the other GM's xanax wore off? Well, that is basically what has happened this off-season without a significant increase in payroll. In a still poor economy and poor free agent market, I think the front office has had one of the best off-seasons in baseball. Heck... we may actually not have to see Suppan in the rotation!

Rubie Q said...

In a still poor economy and poor free agent market, I think the front office has had one of the best off-seasons in baseball.

I think it was a good off-season, but two things still bother me: (1) only getting Gomez for Hardy; and (2) blowing part of our budget on a 38-year-old set-up guy. Other than that, it's hard to complain.

JM said...

I'll agree... Gomez for Hardy at face is slightly disappointing, but we also did end up "selling low", which skews the perceived value for people who have watched him since the beginning.

But yes, considering how little movement and "big splashes" there have been this year, I think they've easily had a top 5 off-season.

The title has to go to Jack and the Mariners.