Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Was Entirely My Fault

And, I am sorry. I was over-confident... talked too much smack... posted too many times. I welcome our lone DePaul commenter, Brian, to come back to make me eat crow.

When the sad but faithful few representing in the DePaul student section finally figured out how to make the "hey, you suck!" chant point towards the MU fans with less than 5 minutes left, I foolishly commented "What are they gonna do next, storm the court if they win?!"... fuck me, they tried. And, I got my fucking glow-stick after it bounced off the random chick next to me.

Nothing like acting like you've been there before guys.
Despite the poor form in throwing glow sticks, I commend the few student who showed up for displaying some spirit and give props to the Blue Demons for breaking their Big East losing streak. Hopefully this win will enable the team to draw a new coach and some talent.


Devil's Threesome said...

That sucked balls. To add insult to injury, we drove my some Big 10/11 offices twice to and fro the game.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

i looked it up...its the official offices of the Big 10 conference on west HIGGINS road.

not as glamourous as one would think the Big 10/11 offices to be.