Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another New Commitment

According to Mark Miller on the Scout site.

Jae Crowder. 6'6" JUCO forward. He will have 2 years of eligibility for MU.


Rubie Q said...

And so ends another recruiting class of ALL WINGS.


Devil's Threesome said...

No Rubes, the guys from Philly is a guard. I agree, very disappointing.

Rubie Q said...

So much for all that BS about how Buzz wouldn't fall into the Tom Crean-patented guard-heavy recruiting pattern.

EMoney said...

Not necessarily Rubie......I could see someone red-shirting next season allowing one more recruit next year.

If that's not the case, I agree that this is odd. One would think that Williams would have pulled the scholarship offers from the guards and wings at this point, leaving only those for PF/C's on the table. Although, it's hard to say what the remaining recruiting possibilities were at this point. Maybe Buzz didn't think there was really going to be a match with any of the "bigs" that he wanted at this point. I dunno. All we can do is speculate as Buzz really keeps his recruiting targets close to the vest. I will say that I was hoping that we could finally get away from the JuCo ranks from here on out. I guess losing Maymon in December blew that chance....speaking of which, I thought the dimensions of this Crowder cat looked awfully similar to JMay....just an observation I immediately had.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

I thought Buzz's recruiting philosophy was get 2 PG's and 2 C's and bunch of interchangeable athletic guys to play 2-4. That's what he's doing. He's got Junior and Reggie Smith as his PG's. Man Googles and Mbao as his C's and a bunch of athletic guys for 2-4. In Buzz I trust when it comes to recruiting. He probably didn't think he'd get another "big" so might as well get a JUCO that he thinks can play...he seems to have a pretty good eye for JUCO talent.

Rubie Q said...

A red-shirt? Who? Jones? Vander? The kid from Philly?

I'm sorry, E, I don't see any Brett Roseboros or Kevin Menards on the team next year, and there aren't any Pat Hazels either.

EMoney said...

It may not be likely, but I could see the Newbill taking a red-shirt. Of course we don't know how good he will be until he plays against good competition during the summer, but considering he's a low prospect, and has a ton of guys ahead of him going into next season it would only make sense. Next year, I see him getting less playing time than EWill does this year. I see Cadougan(soph), Blue(fresh), and DJO(jun) starting 1-3 next year. That leaves Buycks(sen), Reggie Smith(fresh), Jamail Jones(fresh), and possibly Crowder ahead of Newbill at 1-3. If Newbill redshirts and is essentially a fresh in '11, Buycks is gone and DJO is a senior, which is essentially a perfect time to just get his feet wet with playing time. As of right now, he could possibly be a starter as early as his junior year.

EMoney said...

Another thought - what about red shirting Mbao next season? Knock on wood, but provided Otule doesn't get hurt again, I think he will be starting at center next season....all signs indicated that he had progressed a ton in the offseason, so I don't see why not. Jimmy is solid at PF and hopefully EWill is ready to contribute substantially at the 3 and 4 positions. That being said, Mbao likely won't play much next season and will continue to be a project. I really hoped this would happen this season, but due to the circumstances, it just couldn't happen. An additional year of seasoning would likely serve Mbao....and MU well.

Master Reid said...

Just for clarification, where are we getting all these scholarships from? Red-shirting someone doesn't open up a scholarship, just playing time.

By my count we have 4 scholarships for next year: Lazar, Cubillan, Mo, Maymon. How are we getting room for this potential 5th recruit?

Devil's Threesome said...

"Man Googles and Mbao as his C's and a bunch of athletic guys for 2-4. In Buzz I trust when it comes to recruiting."

I don't trust that Otule or Mbao are legitimate centers - or ever will be. My Mendoza line for legitimate is Dwight Burke.

Think about it - we are a ranked team worried about seeding position if Dwight Burke is on this team. Grrrrr

EMoney said...

Reid - Roseboro is the 5th scholarship.

EMoney said...

D3 - are we thinking about the same Dwight Burke? The Dwight Burke that didn't see the light of day until his junior season, and that was only because there was no other choice. The same Dwight Burke that was only 6'8" and was strictly a rebounder (and defender I suppose). Burke had terrible hands, was essentially a liability on the offensive end, and couldn't hit free throws when on the line (was it Georgetown or Syracuse at the BC where Burke had that tip in dunk + one, but missed the free throw that would have won us the game?). Mark my words, by Otule's senior year, he will be far and away better than Burke was last year.

Master Reid said...

I thought Mo's scholarship = Roseboro's scholarship?

Rubie Q said...

I could be wrong, but I thought Rosie's schollie was filled when Acker came back.

Rubie Q said...

And I'm slow at typing.

EMoney said...

How could that be? Roseboro committed the the previous October.

Seniors '08/'09 - James, Mcneal, Matthews, Burke (4)
Departures '08/'09 - Christopherson, Mbakwe (2)
Medical Leave '09 = McMorrow (1)

= 7 schollies

Recruits '09 - Cadougan, Maymon, Williams, Roseboro, Mbao, Buycks, DJO (7)

= -7
= all scholarships filled

Acker leaves and returns

= net 0
Seniors '09/'10 - Lazar, Cubillan, Acker (3)
Departures '09/'10 - Roseboro, Maymon (2)

= 5 scholarships available
= Blue, Jones, Smith, Newbill, Crowder
= all scholarships fulfilled

Master Reid said...

Yeah, but Acker departed the team to make way for one of those recruits (Roseboro for the sake of illustration) coming in this year. Then when he departs, there's a spot open and Mo comes back. I think perhaps McMorrow's departure might be the one that makes this all possible.

Rubie Q said...

The problem is that Christopherson left after the '07-'08 season, not '08-'09. He wasn't here during Buzz's first year. We had six open schollies last spring, not seven.

EMoney said...

**This is all pending due to potential injuries/transfers, but here's what the future losses look like:

Departures '11 - Butler, Fulce, Buycks

Departures '12 - DJO, Crowder

Departures '13 - Cadougan, EWilliams, Mbao, Otule**(YTBD)

Departures '14 - Blue, Jones, Smith, Newbill

I think that Buzz offered to Crowder for 2 reasons: 1) he didn't think he could land a quality post essentially, why offer to a big just to have a big, and 2) Due to #1, get the best player that can contribute from day 1. Buzz has had success with these juco's, so I trust that Crowder will be fine. On top of this, adding Crowder with only 2 years of eligibility balances the classes a little more as seen above.

Like SBTG, I'm still sticking by Buzz.

EMoney said...

Something I forgot - Hazel transfer

Rub - agreed, but essentially neither was Mbakwe. They were both at MU when Buzz was hired but left before the start of the '08/'09 season which is why I put them both there.

Rubie Q said...

OK, I've got it figured out: you're double-counting that last scholarship.

Roseboro had it, left, but it was then immediately filled by Acker. So when Acker leaves, that opens up one schollie -- not two.

EMoney said...

Rub - NO. Roseboro was on scholarship all summer....before Acker left, so that doesn't work out. Acker left for what....8 weeks or so, which is why his coming and going neutralized itself out. I think Buzz oversigned either due to his inside knowledge of Hazel leaving and/or McMorrow's health condition.

This is worse than a Rubick's Cube. We better bring in NASA for this.